Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Death Knight Starting Pictures

I think I mentioned that one of my good friends is in the Beta for Wrath of the Lich King. I got a couple of screen shots from him that I thought I'd post. Yes, yes... I know there's plenty of them out there already, but I thought his was so cool, so I'm posting them.

This first one is how the DK looks when you first enter Azeroth. It's the starting gear for DK's. And before you ask, yes I PhotoShopped the names out to protect his identity. But yes, it's a real picture of the Beta used with my friend's permission.

Then, once you finish the starting area, you're not only better geared and probably about level 57, but you look freakin' hot too! Tell me... what other class/race looks this cool when coming out of the starting area. Oh that's right... only the Death Knights. Maybe that's what makes them the Hero Class.

Next, we have a picture looking down on Stormwind Harbor. For some reason, I just think it's cool that the world is changing. That the people of Stormwind are actually creating something new with their city. And... it's a breathtaking view.


Jimbo said...

Cool pics, thanks! I can't wait to make my DK. Although I must admit, the idea of playing the beta only to have my character deleted when it goes public isn't too exciting.

On a side note, one thing that I noticed in EverQuest 1 is that as the game got older, travel became less and less painful. It started out as you had to run everywhere. Like hearthstones, you had a bind point, which could be anywhere in the game though. People would run to where they needed, then get naked (You had to loot your corpse to get your gear back), and then suicide to travel faster. There was serious money for the higher levels who could teleport from place to place.

Later on, EQ came up with portals that would port you to a main junction that linked to other locations. I think WoW is following this same line with Shattrath. They just introduced mounts at a lower level and now with the new expansion, it looks like they are helping lower levels travel easier with a new boat? I'm assuming that's what the new harbor will have in it.

I hope that someday they realize that travel times, while sometimes a nice break, can be excessive. Travelling from the end of one continent to another can take 30 mins. I thought the goal was to make it so you felt like you accomplished something in 30mins, and travelling isn't accomplishing things, it's just moving. Flight times of over 5 minutes is just insane. While I must admit, it's improved after having to hop on the bird after every node, I think they can still shorten travel times. A new harbor is just one more nice thing to help travel, especially at lower levels.

Leiandra said...

I think Stormwind Harbor is designed to basically take you to Northrend. Although, I can't say that for sure.

I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibilities that it would take you other places... like ones with ports already.

Anonymous said...

The harbor at Stormwind takes you to one of the two starting locations in the Northrend. The other ship that I've seen there takes you to auberdeen on the other continent. At least no more running from the wetlands to IF.

Morane said...

Just curious, but what race is that? Looks human.

Morane said...

Oh ... those are ears, night-elf?