Monday, July 21, 2008

Locked Up

Well... I got my alt-guild vault back. Then I transferred the GM-ship from my wife's toon to my bank alt, and I lost all the items again. And now I'm locked out of my toons. My Shaman was the first to succumb, and then on Sunday, my bank alt cannot be found.

I can see them both in the Character Selection screen, but when I try to enter the world, it loads, and then gives an error message of "Character Not Found". /sigh.

Oh well... at least it will get fixed soon. The Game Master I was speaking with on Saturday said that the guild vault issue has been going on for awhile (pre 2.4.3), and that it's usually taken care of in weekly maintenance. (Glimpse of what they actually do in the downtime? lol.) And with the planned rolling restarts that started this morning, maybe it's already taken care of.

It's kind of an inconvenience, but I know it will get taken care of.

One funny story from one of the Game Masters I spoke to. He asked if I could switch toons, and I was in the middle of an instance or something. I told my group that I would be right back after that fight. Then I told the Game Master something like "One second", and then "brb". Just as I was logging out, he said something like, "Using words like Hurry Up and Now can buy you a vacation to the couch. I suggest you be patient." Since I am always aware of the generally irate people that file tickets (whether it be in WoW or your local Help Desk), I am cautious as to be extra nice to them. So, it was an obvious Mis-Tell. But since there was only about 5 seconds before I logged out, I didn't get a chance to call him out on it before I logged out. When I came back on the other toon, he ignored my inquiry about it. heh. I just thought it was funny.

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