Monday, July 14, 2008

4th "Final" Ding and New Career

Well, I got my paladin her final level this past weekend, so she's all ready for her mount with the next patch. So, she's once again going to retire to Stormwind to pursue her career as a banker. Even last night, she made a phenomenal find on the AH.

On my server, Primal Water goes for about 30g each. I found 8 posted for 9g, which I quickly bought. I was thinking about sending a tell to the person, but when I got the Primal Waters out of the mail, the message disappeared, and the name was lost. About a minute later, I get a tell asking, "Did I just sell 8 Primal Waters for 9g?" I started to feel kind of bad, but then again... she did post them. And there was a small justification because I was using them for my wife's Shadow Embrace set, and not just turning around and selling them. Thinking about it now, I'm kind of a jerk. But should I feel bad?

She didn't ask for them back. She didn't ask for additional money. At one point, she said "oh well". And I found out it was a female because I told her that my wife thanked her for helping her craft her Shadow Embrace set (hoping that would ease the sting because it wasn't turned around and sold for cash), and she responded that she'd just make her husband go buy more for her.

So... yeah. Should I feel bad? Or just move on. Even if I do feel bad, I'm not willing to do anything about it. So, I guess I'm not really going to feel that bad anyway. lol. Anyone have any other stories about profiting from other people's misfortunes?


Alky said...

Bah, her fault for not paying attention. Back in the days of The Left Behind (my old raid guild) we had our lock class leader buy 32 shadowcloth off the AH for 2g apiece. The guy sent him a tell saying that he meant them to be 20g buyout and that he needed to pay him the can guess how that ended. If people won't take the time to do it right, they can take the time to do it over. Such is life...lack of attention to detail means paying the price, even if literally.

Jimbo said...

No don't feel bad, they could have taken it off the auction house. Funny that they noticed the final sell price when they went to collect it.

One AH thing that bugs me is I once bought a stack of health pots for 100 gold. They were the lowest listed bid price and so came up first. The 100g didn't stand out too much, kinda blended in with the 10g all around it. I was very frustrated.