Friday, July 11, 2008

Doing Hated Quests

The leveling of my paladin is coming along slowly, but that's okay. Just clarifying yesterday's post, I probably only lvl the pally for about 30 minutes or less at a time. 5 minutes before I need to get on Leiandra to start sending out raid invites? No problem, kill a few mobs with my paly. Things like that. I still keep my normal regime of raiding, playing with my wife and getting her geared up, etc. It's kind of a side-hobby, if you will. That's kind of the background in case you start thinking "Why is it taking him forever just to get another 1.5 levels?"

Last night, I went and did The Cursed Crew. This may sound strange, but I think it's one of my most hated quests. Why do I have such a hatred for a level 29 quest?

Part of it is the fact it's underwater. I don't particularly like underwater quests. Unless you're a shaman, druid, or warlock, you have to come up for air every 60 seconds. Sure, I could also buy an underwater breathing potion, but that seems like such a waste for just one "easy" quest. Then there's the fact that sometimes in the close quarters of the ship and being underwater, my camera gets disoriented or whatnot, and sometimes I just get trapped in the lower decks of the ship.

Also, a lot of the underwater boat quests have mobs tightly packed in to the boat. So, it's not only that you have 60 seconds to kill a mob and get back up for air, but that you have 60 seconds to kill, avoid adds, and get back up for air. I also recognize that you can move back up to the surface once you've engaged a mob, but sometimes it's just not possible, or maybe just inconvenient.

Part of it may be that I don't like getting cursed (mage and druid obviously excluded), and having to be... essentially undead. I'm a human, for goodness sake. Hmm.. maybe it's partly I don't want to be undead. lol.

But the reason I hate The Cursed Crew up in Wetlands is that I dislike the quest (for the above stated reasons), and yet I do it EVERY time I'm questing in the Wetlands. Why, oh why do I subject myself to this displeasure? Is it the cool quest reward I get at the end of the chain? Nope. Is it because it's easy xp? I suppose to a degree, but there's other quests out there, so not really. So, the reason I hate it is because I dislike it, I do it every time, and yet, I have no idea why I do. How's that for insanity? lol.

Please tell me that somebody else out there has at least some similar insanity about a quest. Please?


Elinor said...

I'm even worse. I feel the need to complete entire zones. So if I go into an area, I'll do all the quests even gray ones. Also once I start a quest chain, I have to finish it.

I have a few lvl 70 toons with the "Battle of Darrowshire" quest from before the expansion because I didn't get a group together when I was 60 and it is still in my log.

It is probably some type of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Leiandra said...

Both of us really need to learn to move on. lol.

Anonymous said...

I was stuck with "Battle of Darrowshire" in my log for a few months as well.. but none of my mates would help me... they finally told me to get over it when my quest log was full... but I just wanted the experience... just once would have done.

Jimbo said...

I've been leveling my horde warrior and I haven't had any problem deleting quests. I usually look at time to finish and expected gains in xp/loot. I look at the quests that I delete as broken more than anything else.

My main beef with quests is the number of mobs you have to kill. Some quests are super easy, go kill 10 of these guys. Sweet, no prob. Then there is the go get 10 of these drops. Usually not a problem unless the drop rate is less than 50%. The worst quests are the kill 30-60 (There really is one that requies 60 in Hinterlands) of these guys or the get 10 of these with a drop rate of 5% (that's 200 guys on average!!!)

My other beef with quests is the un-elited quests that are still elite. These are the quests that were elite until they changed them to no longer be elite to make it so you don't have to group for as many quests. Now that they have done this, it's easy to solo those quests. OH WAIT! IT'S NOT!

I was leveling my hordie warrior in the jungle and wanted to do the queen quest. Simple enough, just summon the queen and kill. Nope, you summon and her guards come just like in the original elite quest. The only difference is she is not elite. I never saw her because her 4 guards my level cut me down low enough for the 2nd wave to kill me. Yeah, I deleted that one.

Another example is the priestess in Hinterlands. I see blue drops for her quest and start salavating. I start smacking her down until she throws of a heal and proceeds to chain hex (unpoppable sheep) me into a frog while caning me to death !!! That's the cheapest thing in the world. So I read that you just have to blitz her and get her down before she starts chain hexing. I just beat on the guard dogs to get full rage before fighting her and it worked, but that's an elite quest still since people that can't burst dps and interrupt will be hosed unless they group.