Friday, June 27, 2008

Death Knight Rumors

I've seen a couple sites that have perpetuated the rumor that Blizzard will allow people to roll a Death Knight before the expansion is released. With the breaking ice pictures that have been on the main Wow web site and the anticipated announcement this weekend, I can see how there is even more "evidence" for this rumor. Since a Death Knight starts at level 55, the few months (or whatever) of playing them before the expansion comes out would allow people, those that pre-order the expansion, to catch up to 70 and then level to 80 with their friends.

I think it sounds neat. It might actually get me interested in having a 4th 70 before the expansion. (Double post today, for those that might have missed it.) I've always thought I should have one of each role (DPS, healer, and tank)... I just haven't gotten around to having them all on one account.

At the very least, at some point in time, I will play a Death Knight for a bit. Mainly because I've done that with all toons. It helps me better understand the class and what I can do with them as a raid leader. Now, I don't have a 70 of each class, so I don't know all the ins and outs, but I still have a basic understanding of how each class is played. (Rogue and Druid mid-40's, Hunter through 30ish, and Warlock, Warrior, and Paladin through mid-20's.) Depending on how I like the play style, I may level him (or her) all the way. We'll see. I got tired of the Rogue play style, but yet I play my druid almost the same way and I enjoy playing him. (I think it's that I have different options that don't have cooldowns like Vanish does. /shrug)

At any rate, we'll see what Super Announcement comes from our favorite gaming company from Paris this weekend.

EDIT: After the first post, I realized that I didn't make my position very clear. I think I got side tracked with my own writing.

I actually agree with the first post, that I don't see this happening. I think it would be neat, but yes, it's one way to split apart the masses. (I actually didn't think of this reason.) Another issue I see is the logistics of it. I'm guessing that it would only be the pre-orders coming from Blizzard themselves. Do I really think that my local game store is going to be sophisticated enough to give me a pre-order number AND make sure that I get an actual copy the day it comes out? I just see so many issues there.

Then again, thinking a little bit more. What if Blizzard got rid of the middle man? I believe you can install the original Wow discs and let the updater take care of the rest, including The Burning Crusade. The only real reason to buy TBC is to get a code to unlock your account. Hmm... interesting.

There's also the consideration that current encounters might have to be completely reworked because there's now this magical resist tank. Can you imagine Hydross with just one tank?

But yeah, I don't think it will happen. Just kinda fun to think about the possibility of playing with a Death Knight sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

I just don't see this happening. (Introducing the DK early) I think the big appeal to Blizzard of introducing the DK at 55 is that some folks will go to get their Death Knight right away and work on leveling him/her to 70. So they will be in Plaguelands and Outland. Others will ignore the DK and go right to Northrend. This means that people will be more spread out and you'll avoid the crush of millons of 70's hitting Northrend all at once :-).

Leiandra said...

Thanks "anonymous". :) I updated my original post and included your comment a bit.

Jimbo said...

I've heard of pally tanks doing hydross as the only tank.