Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Ding

I think the majority of my friends that play Wow have multiple lvl 70's. I'm generally focused on my mage, Leiandra, but my shaman (who's the namesake of this blog) just hit level 70 last night. And as the post title implies, somebody else hit 70 as well. And that special somebody is my wife, who now has a level 70 Shadow Priest.

It's funny how the game changes so much for me once I hit 70. From the beginning of my toon's existence at level 1, it's all about quests and leveling to get to level 70. I've been quite diligent at following the leveling guide and TourGuide to maximize experience per game session played. Once I hit 70 though, it's almost all out the window.

True to form, as soon as we turned in the last quest for us to ding 70, we went and did "level 70 stuff". Down to Shadowmoon Valley to pick up our flying mounts. Since we were in the area, had my wife create more Shadowcloth so she could create her first epic. (She's now more geared than my Shaman. lol.) Then back to Shatt to catch a portal back to the Old World so that we could get our new training. (Oh, and since I neglected it, we had to get trained for level 69 spells as well.)

Granted these are all things that needed to be done, but I still have an entirely different focus. Where as at level 69, the focus was experience. At 70, the focus is now on gear and how to be suffeciently geared to make a true contribution in instances. (She started running Karazhan at 68, but it was more just to hang out with friends.)

Speaking of Karazhan. I brought Leiandra in to my more "casual" friends' run on Friday, and we downed all of lower Kara, and even got up and killed Curator for the first time. For one night, and with that group, it was a great accomplishment. Furthermore, all of the members were at one time or another part of Cracked Anvil Trading Co. (basically the only other guild I played in (which I'm also a founding member of)).

Back to subject... now I'm really grateful for all those WowInsider posts of "How to gear x class for Kara." And the Shaman one just got completed last week. lol.


Alky said...

grats man, now my mage can run with your shammy rather than vice versa...

Leiandra said...

Oh noes... does that mean I have to go Resto? lol.

Elinor said...

Well if you bring the shammy on some Kara runs we won't have to shard all that shammy loot all the time :-)

Leiandra said...

Yeah... a little piece of me died each time we did. lol.

Galoheart said...

Gratz on the new 70. I know exactly how it is when everyone has many different 70's alts and you just having one for a long while.

Yeah same here, so just busy away working on my 2nd 70 that happen to be 62 at the moment.