Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It has always been my opinion that team sports have a huge impact on how people work together whether it is working at a place of employment or battling demons in World of Warcraft. Generally somebody that's been on an organized team can see the benefit of what's good for the whole. They also better understand the various roles that each person plays (maybe the difference between a forward and a center), and how things mesh together (think plays).

To further illustrate my point: back in High School, I played water polo. Towards the end of my high school career, things generally went smoothly among the players. We had essentially played with each other for 3 years. We knew who would make the shots from half-tank, who would lose sprints, and who would generally make great defensive plays. We didn't go undefeated or anything, but the games just felt good.

I think Primogeniture has really warped into a smooth guild. Sure, we have our off nights of low attendance or poor performance. But we generally seem to be pretty good at this point at absorbing new people into our culture and getting them to fit with our play style.

Last night was a perfect example of that. It wasn't really the fact of what we did, but how we did it. We went to go collect our weekly gems in Mount Hyjal, and the raid really felt smooth. A couple mistakes led to a wipe or two, but it didn't feel as much of a let down as it used to. We just picked ourselves up, and tried it again, knowing full well that we were going to be successful. We even got a late start, but ended Mount Hyjal way before our anticipated end time. We had a good mix of people, we had the right roles/classes... It just felt good. Even though this has only been the 3rd week we've done this, it felt like a Kara run. We were just running through, joking around, and we got the job done. It was great.

This will also free up tonight meaning that we should be able to take down the first two bosses in Black Temple. Hopefully this trend will continue. This is what guilds should be all about. It's just me hanging out with 24 friends to take down bad guys.


Crysannia said...

I totally agree. The transition from new content to farmed content for Primo is insanely fast. Im really proud of how far this guild has come... seems like just yesterday u were explaining what Flame wreath does to the raid when u move :P

Leiandra said...

And I still remember when our old guild leader was kinda ticked when you got the head piece off of Prince after a short stint of being afk. lol. Wow... I guess we have been together for awhile now.