Thursday, June 12, 2008

Internet Up and a Couple Bosses Down

As anticipated, the Installer came out on Tuesday, and he replaced the cable to my house. Apparently "up in the hills" where we live, a lot of people pass on having the cable grounded because it weakens their signal (so that's why he didn't ground it before). But the signal from the main box (or whatever) was still too weak, so they had to have another person come out to boost the signal. And yesterday, the cable company finally fixed my signal and brought me "within the acceptable range", so I once again have dependable Internet service. Yeah!

On Monday night, I decided to head over to a guildies house (he's just a couple miles away) so that I could raid. We had a couple hardware issues (my laptop couldn't connect to his network for some reason, so I used his laptop which ended up having issues with the screen, so we plugged in a spare monitor), but once those were out of the way, everything was fine. The raid itself was a success as we took down both Rage Wintherchill and Anetheron.

Just a side note: part of our strategy for taking down Anetheron involved having some dps (namely our mages) stand outside of the Carrion Swarm and focus entirely on the Towering Infernals. It really let everybody else spread out so they wouldn't get hit for the damage, and let us down the Infernals pretty quick too.

Tuesday night, I thought I would have Internet, so I didn't plan on going anywhere. When I figured out I didn't have it, I felt it was kind of too late to set something up again. I know my guild mate wouldn't have minded, but I just have that sense of security of being at home physically just in case something happens. (Yes, I'm well aware that I'm not there mentally.) So, it was off to Civ4 to destroy the Aztecs (Mongols were already dead) and set up a Defensive Pact with the Americans. There's now only peaceful-minded rulers, so I shouldn't have to fight anymore... unless I want to. :) And that might help when I'm trying to figure out where I was in that game when I pick it up again months/years down the road.

Then I was finally able to raid again last night. And what a night. We ventured in to Black Temple for the first time. We were a bit sad that there were exactly zero Hearts of Darkness, but oh well. Our focus was more to go take down High Warlord Naj'entus. And it actually wasn't too bad of a fight. I think we got him down to 30% the first attempt, 10% the next, and we completely destroyed him on the last attempt. Due to the Tidal Shield and the inevitable 8500 damage the entire raid takes when you break it with a Naj'entus Spine, we wanted everyone to be with at least 11k health. That apparently wasn't a problem for a lot of our guild. We had a few clothies (mage, warlock and priest) at 13k. But obviously, the more stam/pvp gear we used, the lower our dps was. The first attempt was learning. The second attempt was focused. And the last attempt, most of us changed out a lot of gear (shot for around 10.5k instead of as much as possible), and that was where the pwnage began. He's got an 8-minute enrage timer, and that was where we died on the previous two attempts. On the last attempt, I think we had about 2 minutes left before the enrage timer. Yeah... we destroyed him.

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