Thursday, June 19, 2008

Supremus - First Looks

It must be contagious, because we seem to be having various people have either computer issues or Internet issues in the guild. Sounds like one of our dependable mages will be back tonight (even though we don't raid tonight), and we'll get one of our paly healers back as soon as her husband can figure out why her system keeps freezing up.

All of that said, we still got through Naj and got to poke a stick at Supremus last night. (I'll try to remember to upload the cool picture tonight.) Once you've cleared through Naj, there's this huge courtyard where you can see the "moon" of Azeroth, and there's a ton of Orcs and Netherdrakes. And down the way and to the right stands Supremus. Getting through the Orcs is kind of fun, but maybe it was just the excitement of actually being there.

And my first look at Supremus? He's huge. There's a lot of big bosses in the game, but for some reason, I was kind of in awe by the sight of Supremus.

The fight itself isn't too hard. He hits like a truck on the off tanks. The fire he shoots out in phase 1 is easily avoidable. It's phase 2 that was giving us some issues. He changes targets frequently, but does a Big Bad Wolf focused run towards that random target. That's not too much of an issue, but he also makes these volcanoes come up and people have to avoid him. I think on the second wipe, people understood the fight and what we needed to do, but it was already pretty late, so we had to call it. We'll kill next week.

(Note to self: post picture.. will make this post so much more enjoyable.)

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Pablo said...

I'm wondering if this freezing up business is a Blizzard thing, since I've been having the same issue. I'm running around playing just fine - smash, maim, kill, la-dee-dah - and then the game will freeze solid. I can still move my mouse, open other web pages, all that stuff. It lasts for 5-6 seconds, then everything happens in a rush and then returns to normal.

Seems to always happen mid-fight, so I wonder if there's maybe an issue with Omen or Recount?