Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Dings

Last night, I finally got my priest to level 70. So, that makes 3 70's on my current account. And I found myself thinking, "What do I do now?" Oh sure, every piece of gear that he has can be upgraded, with some of them probably being simple quests. But I'm not sure how much grinding I want to do.

I've been through the whole grinding process once with Leiandra. She's exalted with all the 5-man instances and also Violet Eye and Aldor. I do need to work on some Sporegar rep for the new herbalism bag. I could always farm mats, but that seems rather boring. If I were to do dailies, I suppose I'd want to do them with one of my more recent 70's for the SSO rep, but then it will take me longer to do most of them since Leiandra is such a killing machine. I'm looking forward to instancing with my priest, but not really looking forward to pugging anything. And most of my guild is way beyond the recent 70 gear level.

So, what do I do? I logged on to EQ2 to check out the new content there. lol.

But I'm doing that for more of a distraction. My plan of action is to get these other two geared... I just hope to do it with the minmal amount of grinding. Instance crawling with a good group would be fun... just not sure where to find a good group. lol.

On the side note of EQ2: I totally don't remember how to play any of my toons. I even have to ask people where I should be leveling, so I started a new toon. And this is going to sound gay, but I started a female Fae (think fairy with wings and all). But the reason I did it was (A) I wanted to see new content, and I'd seen that starting Isle (is that still there?) too many times, and (B) I thought my daughter would really love it. I tried to show her this morning, but there servers were down or something. Oh yeah... that's one of the things I hated about EQ2.

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Jimbo said...

join the kara guild runs as a third healer or DPS until you pick up gear good enough to heal.

Kara is the key to quick upgrades. You should also tailor yourself some epics. Duh! :)