Monday, June 9, 2008

Civilization 4

So, the guy came out on Friday to let me know that my modem is fine (that's actually kinda what I figured), but that the problem is with the connection outside and the Installer didn't ground the wire or something. Still not sure how the connection lasts a solid week, and then now is all haywire, but whatever. Maybe one of the wild bunnies in the area knocked it loose or something. /sigh. So, the Installer is scheduled to come out tomorrow.

You know, if I was at the point of possibly burning out on Wow, now might be the perfect opportunity to make my break. lol.

To fill my gaming time, I was going to play Sid Meier's Pirates, but since we only 1/2 unpacked stuff in the new house (since we'll move again in about 2 months), I'm not sure where all of my computer boxes are. (I may have found the last one this morning as I was frantically looking for a usb cable to hook up the computer before leaving for work.) And so I didn't find Pirates. I did find discs to Civilization 4 though, so I've been playing that.

The one thing that I really appreciate about Wow is the built-in clock. I even live in and play on a PST server, so I don't have to get a mod that will alter the time for me. But Civ 4 is the ultimate "just one more move" game, and being without a clock, I find myself sucked in and losing pretty much all concept of time. I just need to build this one improvement, or take out this one city, or discover this one technology. Things like that happen and I find myself thinking, "hmm... maybe I'm a bit tired, I guess I'll go to bed," at 2:30 in the morning when I was just going to play a few turns. lol.

Yep, I'm a video game addict/junkie. But honestly, I generally don't lose track of time like that in Wow. So, I'm actually very grateful that I've got my addiction in check... sorta. lol.


Sushiboy said...

You can tell Civ4 to alert you after you have been playing a certain amount of time, and if I remember correctly at a certain time. Not that you wanted to know that.

Leiandra said...

Actually... that's really good to know. I don't remember that from back when I played (and I even read through the encyclopedia that is a user's manual.) But maybe they added it in a patch, or I just don't remember. At one of my actual online times over the weekend, I got the latest patch for Civ 4. I'll have to check that out in the options or whatever.

Jimbo said...

Freakin Mongols!!! Why do they always attack when I'm recovering!