Friday, June 6, 2008

Break From WoW because of New Phones?

Since I didn't really plan on having the Internet last night, I basically mentally planned my evening without that source of entertainment. But when I got home, I had to unexpected surprises. (1) Our Internet was back up and running, and (2) our new WiFi Cell phones had arrived.

(1) I figured that there might still be an issue with the Internet, so I wasn't 100% relying on it. I used it enough to check out the WiFi part of my new phone, and that's about it. Come this morning, the Cable connection light was blinking on my modem like it has the past 3 nights, so hopefully the cable guy can get everything fixed this morning when he comes by.

(2) I'm going to rant a bit about T-Mobile here. So, if you're sensitive to that for whatever reason, you might want to just come back and visit me another day.

With our new house, we get horrible cell phone reception with our current carrier, T-Mobile. And when I say horrible I mean that if we're lucky, there's about 2 spots in the house where we get reception, but we usually have to go outside to get 1 bar (again, if we're lucky) to make phone calls. We'll be moving again in just over 2 months, where the T-mobile map again shows that their signal is pretty weak. We'd change carriers, but my wife's contract isn't up until the end of the month. At any rate, when I called them to inquire about canceling, they suggested the WiFi option. They see it as a permanent solution, I see it as something to get me by until the end of the month when I can cancel for good.

WiFi won't work for our house. We've been lucky enough that friends of friends are letting us stay in a huge house for an outstanding price. We have a acre. There no way that a WiFi signal is going to be able to reach everywhere. Even in the house itself, which is gigantic, I'm not sure it'll reach everywhere.

At any rate, when I got the two packages yesterday, they didn't send the router like they said they were going to. Also, they didn't send the SIM cards like they said they were going to. When I inquired about it, they didn't even order those things, when they had told me on the initial order that they would. I suppose it's not a big deal since I can use my old router and SIM cards, but that's not really my point. They said they were going to send new ones, they should have sent new ones.

So, while I was basically using them to get one month of a new phone, I don't feel guilty about it since they lied to me about what they were going to send. In less than 30 days from my order date (15 outside of California), I'll call them up, cancel my account for good, and then get on a carrier that can actually put a signal in my house.


DadGuy said...

I'm 90% sure I'm going to buy one of the new iPhones that will be announced next monday. Come be a geek with me and get one too!

Leiandra said...

lol. Here's how I pick phones: What's the most expensive phone I can get for free? That's generally pretty much my only requirement: Free.

This time I had to do, coverage area, and then free. I'm guessing that the iPhone won't be free ever. So, have fun with it. Let me know how much you love it. I'll just be here using my phone to make phone calls. (Yep, I'm that cave-man. heh.)

DadGuy said...

I have an alterior motive -- I'm going to try my hand at developing on it, thus the purchase. For personal use I'd probably never be able to justify the thing. I'll let you know how cool it is. ;)

Leiandra said...

Ah.. then in that case. It's consider development of business skills, and it's a write-off. Sweet!