Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Mag and H-MrT

I think I may now be fighting an uphill battle with the name of Magister's Terrace. When at least 1/2 of my own guild calls it MgT, I know I'm in trouble. But being the GM, I should have complete control over everything they say and do, right? Yeah... that ain't happening.

Monday night I missed the raid because I was out in the area of the new house I spoke of. We started going out there at about quarter to 1 in the afternoon, and didn't get home until about 9:30. Yeah... it was a long day. But we do have a deposit down on the last model of this phase. Woo hoo! Funny thing is, about 2 minutes after we put down our deposit, another couple wanted to buy the property. Wow... that was close. House won't be completed until end of August though... so gotta figure out which bridge to live under for the summer.

But the report from the guild is that, sure enough, Magtheridon is much easier. Only one group of clickers is needed, and it's extremely easy, especially if you're used to what it was pre-2.4. Furthermore, he's become a real loot pinata. Drops the 20-slot bag, Pit Lord's Satchel and a Black Sack of Gems that contains Epic Gems. And he drops a ton of gold, so yeah... why wouldn't we kill him every week?

The trip into Void Reaver last night was a bit tricky for us. We didn't have a hunter, and we didn't have a pally tank for that first coridor. It just made things more interesting. And not having the Misdirect during Void Reaver meant some DPS pulled aggro a couple of times. /sigh. But again... not a huge concern. Tonight, we're going to try 4 tanks for Al'ar. Hopefully that added DPS slot will be enough do DPS down the embers fast enough and take down Al'ar.

So... Heroic Magisters' Terrace. It's really a lot like Alcatraz in that the Heroic and non-Heroic versions aren't all that much different. Kael has a Pyroblast on Heroic version, that you have to dps down this shield before you can interrupt him. And that's about it. Honestly, everything seemed to be about the same. Mobs just hit harder, but you'd expect that. So, if you find normal Magisters' Terrace to be a breeze, then just set it on heroic... really... it's not that much more challenging.

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gnicodemus said...

Gratz on your new house! :)

Yeah Mag's is totally worth it. Quick, easy fight. Using HighRoller I managed to win the Satchel.

The gold drop and badges on Gruul and Mag's was great. And the gems in the sack were really impressive -- however you guys decide to divvy 'em up.