Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily Quest Record

Last night I spent some time with the wife, and then got online around 9:30 or so. Our guild had 3 full groups running Kara for badges, with a few other people questing or whatnot here and there. It was kind of neat to look in the guild tab and see "Karazhan" almost all up and down the board. So, I didn't run Kara (but I haven't for a few months now anyway) initially. One person had to leave, so I stepped in and helped down Netherspite, Prince, and the Chess Event. 7 Badges for minimal work... not bad.

But what I was doing before and after the few minutes in the raid was doing dailies. Doing a lot of dailies. I started with the Sunwell Island dailies. I did the one for the anvil and the 2 to open the next phase (I do those every day). Then, since I had time, I did the other 5 on the Island. Then I decided to do the ones in Hellfire Peninsula, and picked up the fishing one on the way. (Fishing one was H.P. one as well.) After the raid, finished up the quests out in H.P., then did the Blade's Edge Portal Opening one (even though we already opened the portal). I was going to finish the Nagrand one (along with the cooking one) and be done, but then decided to do the other Blade's Edge dailies as well... all 4 of them.

So, my now Personal Record of number of dailies in one day is 18. I could have ventured out to Shadowmoon Valley to pick up a few more, but I figured that was enough of a record for one day. Especially since my previous record was maybe 8 or so. As much as it was nice to get all that cash, I'm sure I'll go back to just the 3 dailies (to open the anvil and portal) tomorrow.

So, what's your record for number of daily quests in a day?


Sushiboy said...

If I hit 10 dalies I know its time to stop W0Wing and go do something else. 10 is my record.

Leiandra said...

Have you started playing again? A lot of the 2.4 daily quests can be completed in 5 minutes or less. And with the new cap of 25... Anyway, it's not as much as it sounds from back when you were playing.

Shiniki said...

I usually do around 20-22 on my priest main and maybe 10 on my druid alt. <_< /has no life

Anonymous said...

I did 25 today on my mage. It took a while as the drop rate on the sunwell Island wasn't very good. Also, I don't have fishing or cooking which would have made it a little easier. Not sure I'll ever do that again. There are an easy 10-15 depending on drops and how busy the server is that can be done quick. The rest require too much flying around and collecting.