Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bringing Your "A" Game

Ideally, I'm sure that each of us would love to have each and every raid this stellar performance by each of it's members. If you can down a boss at any given time, you shoud be able to repeat that performance and do things exactly the same for the next time, right? Yeah, right!

We're all human; we make mistakes. Furthermore, there's generally a randomness in each and every encounter that makes it so you couldn't simply create a macro (or bot) to take down the boss every time. Sometimes you get lucky and dodge an otherwise killing blow. Sometimes you get unlucky and the NPC resists your spell or taunt.

As a raid leader, I work my best to set up successful groups, and hope that there's enough "A" game going around that we'll be successful. Last night, was not one of those nights. And these were for fights that everyone should know. We took a few shots to get High King Maulgaar and his crew into the right positions... that was disappointing. I took a nasty cleave from one of the trash that 1-shotted me. (Not raid wiping, but I knew better.) Gruul was 1-shotted, so at least there was that.

Our transition time from Gruul to Mag was unusually slow. We didn't slow enough at 35% so we basically got the ceiling falling down and the Blast Wave at the same time. We thought that Blast Wave was first... he did the emote and we heard him, but he then went in to pullling the ceiling down. Well... our clickers had already clicked, and we didn't get new clickers over to the cubes fast enough and had to absorb a full Blast Wave. Needless to say, it wiped most of our raid.

Then to top it off... we had somebody that accidentaly pulled one of the Channelers to start the encounter when nobody was ready.

Everything died, so not the end of the world, but it wasn't our A game by any means. We're going to go back into SSC tonight. We'll take down Lurker and then hopefully over to Leo. If we bring our "C" game, I'm pretty sure we can take down Lurker. A "B" game will take down Lurker and give us a few tries on Leo. With our "A" game, we'll take down two bosses in SSC tonight.

I'm planning on the "A" game.

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