Monday, April 14, 2008

Lurker Downed

So, it's been awhile since our guild has actually been in SSC. I had forgotten about the elevators. And furthermore, I was only about 90% sure where to go to get to Lurker. (And I was leading the raid.) I was fine once we were actually in there, but was just a small reality check that it had been so long.

The plan was to take on Lurker, and then if there was time, to go play with Leo. The trash took a little longer than I expected, and I'm sure it was mostly because we were so unfamiliar with it. It took us a few attempts to actually beat Lurker, but we did it. We had enough wipe prevention in the group (Soul Stones, DI, Shammy self-rez) that we never had to walk back either.

As for our strategy, here's what we did. Phase 1 is your basic tank and spank. Jump into the water when you need to. (Note to mages: The scalding water is actually fire damage, so you can use a Fire Ward before jumping in.) In Phase 2, we had the tanks and melee take on the Coilfang Guardian, and all of the ranged DPS would take out the Coilfang Ambusher on the islands and then focus on the Coilfang Guardian. This was actually like the 3rd attempt; we tried different strategies each time. This one worked best for our raid.

We didn't have time to head over to Leo after Lurker, so we called it a night. I also realized that, never having been to Leo, I didn't know how to get there either. Not really a huge issue when we had other people in the guild that have been there, but just kinda would have sounded funny having the Guild Leader ask people where it was. Luckily, I had a pretty good idea, so I at least would have had a educated guess. :)

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