Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leotheras the Blind Down

I'd say we had some pretty solid play last night. Had a few different people in the instance from the previous night's attempts at Leo. Three attempts, and he was dead. Go Primogeniture. :)

I picked up up my T-5 gloves, Gloves of Tirisfal, so I now have the 2-piece bonus at my disposal. A couple nights back, I secretly went back to my mage trainer and respec'ed fire. I felt that I wasn't doing as much damage as I could/should, so I thought I'd do fire again. Well, with the 20% increase in damage and mana from Arcane Blast, I'll probably be respec'ing again. Sounds like I have a ton of +spell hit to ditch, unfortunately, most of it is in my gear, not my gems.

At any rate... only 2 days before the start of Guild Leadership Appreciation Day. How have you spread the word?