Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pay Day

Since about the beginning of the year, Primogeniture has been tackling some "hard" stuff. We've wanted to create a "better" guild, and so we did things like Magtheridon (pre 2.4) to help people learn that you don't always DPS; sometimes you just click. We've then focused on The Eye to take down Void Reaver (pretty easily) and Al'ar. We haven't set foot in SSC yet so that everyone could learn pulls and boss fights and not get confused by spreading out our time and attempts on too many bosses and instances. Overall, we've been forcing people to be aware of their surroundings and focus on surviability (not just a healer role anymore).

Over the past month or so as we've been attempting to down Al'ar, and everyone has learned a ton about raiding at higher levels. There's just so many things that are going on all at the same time with Al'ar. If you have that fight under control, it seems to make other encounters almost trivial.

Case and point: Last night was our first night at High Astromancer Solarian. On our third attempt, she was dead. It was so incredibly easy compared to Al'ar that we even forgot to take a screen shot. So, I made one myself. :) I don't recall what she dropped, but I know it wasn't the wand.

Now, I don't expect to just be able to steam roll over everything from this point forward, not at all. But we've developed some solid skills that should really help to minimize issues in the future. Next week we'll look to start on some stuff in SSC. I know there's a lot of gear checks, and we're still working to complete those sets (resistence gear mainly). But we've put in some solid work, seen some pay offs, and I expect to see a few more very soon.

And for the record... we're not planning on taking on Kael yet. Well... the MrT version, sure, but not The Eye version yet.