Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hydross Down

There's really not much to report about last night except that we took down Hydross last night. We're really kind of steamrolling over a lot of these bosses lately. Besides the huge investment in time that we used for Al'ar, we've only taken 2 nights maximum on the next 4 boss kills.

Part of the explanation is the dedication that our guild members have to learning the fights. Part of it is the experience that some of our raid members have doing this fight already. But certainly part of it is also the new, 2.4 Badge gear that a lot of members have purchased.

I know there's at least a few guilds (that are probably about on par gear-wise with where we are) that have skipped a lot of SSC and TK because of Badge Gear and have gone straight into Mt. Hyjal. Why not? The attunement is gone, right? Well, call me more of a traditionalist, but we'll probably finish most, if not all of SSC and TK before we venture into Mt. Hyjal. And if we keep downing new bosses in 1 or 2 nights, we'll be in there in no time. :)

As evidence of how good the 2.4 Badge Gear is, and how many of our raid members have bought it... we're sharding "new" items that drop. We have all classes represented, but the items just aren't as good in a lot of cases. I'm sure we'll have Leo on farm for quite some time upgrading people's gloves, but there's a lot of upgrades that we can now skip because of 2.4 Badge Gear.

So, the point of this small tangent is: Yeah for Badge Gear. :)

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