Friday, April 4, 2008

Gearing up Recent 70's in 2.4

Any of us that have been playing since before the expansion hit will probably remember running instances like UBRS, LBRS, Strat and Scholo for your Dungeon 1 set of armor before heading in to the 40-man raids. These were the easy dungeons. You could pretty "easily" get your gear upgrades, and that was pretty much the way to do it. I had guild mates back in the day that ran Scholo upwards of 40 times in order to get their head piece.

The trend was slightly continued with the release of the expansion, in that there is the Dungeon 3 set. The bonuses probably tend to be the biggest thing about the set pieces. Some of them are quite helpful. Some of them, seem like Blizzard is just mocking us. (*cough* 2-piece set bonus *cough*)

These sets became less important if guildies can run you (or your alt) through Karazhan. And if you're a crafter, some sets are way more powerful than these sets. That doesn't mean that you should enter Karazhan in all greens though. Come on... let's at least be a contributing member to the raid. And you'll need to survive some hits along the way. So, what I'm saying is... you still need to gear up.

Enter 2.4.
In case you didn't realize it, there's a pretty easy way to gear up your recent 70's in 2.4. To make it better, the price of each item is generally low as well. (About 1 daily can get you the full set of blues). I'm talking about the Level 70 PvP Rare Set 2. Each item requires you to be Honored with a different faction. The factions are Lower City, Honor Hold (or Thrallmar for you Hordies), Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tar, and Keepers of Time.

In your questing, you probably hit honored with most, if not all of these factions. If you ran each of the instances associated with that group, I imagine you'd be honored with all of them. But the best thing about it... it's a sure thing. You don't have to hope that your piece of whichever armor will drop this time. You know you'll get the rep, then you just go buy the item.

There's also multiple sets for those hybrid classes. So, for example, a priest could take the Satin Battlegear or the Mooncloth Battlegear.

Yes, I realize these are PvP items and not PvE, but for the effort you put in, and how quickly you'll replace this gear if you are running Karazhan... it's really a great route to gear up quickly.

p.s. Keep in mind that this is my second post for today. Some people tend to miss items when I double-post.


gnicodemus said...

Is this a good way to start arena pvp as a 'further progressed' 70 too? I haven't done any arenas and am trying to figure out if the resilience from a couple of these blues (esp. with the +35 bonus for two or something) would be worth "swapping down" for when I first try it . . . also I noticed that (when the other badge gear becomes available?) we can trade in T4 tokens that nobody needs from Kara for Season 1 Gear . . .

How important is resilience in PVP?

Leiandra said...

It's pretty, dang important. It probably depends on the size of your arena team. I notice that with 5v5, I can hide long enough to be the glass cannon I like to be. But if they attack me, I'm dead pretty quick.

I think the order might better be, use this gear to start Battlegrounds to get honor to get better gear for arena.

Then again... if you already have the rep, spend the 10g to get all this gear, and see how you like it, or how long you survive.

I've actually been pondering that question myself. I think I should probably take my own advice. lol.