Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Update - Quick Version

Super quick update today. Our realm is about 50% through phase 2. I've now cleared MrT (Magisters' Terrace) on both normal and heroic, and I'm about 1/2-way through honored. Tonight we'll see just how easy Mag is in 2.4. Maybe we'll even have time to get back into Tempest Keep after slamming through both Gruul's and Mag's.

On a personal note: have a couple deadlines here at work, but am also taking a 1/2-day today to go talk to a builder regarding the house we've been eying for the past few months. (Escrow will close on our current house today or tomorrow, and then we have a rent back until mid-June.) And we also went out this past weekend to look at some other houses. So... just a little busy. I'll finish up thoughts on MrT tomorrow. (By the way... don't give in... don't let people call it MgT or any other abbreviation. It's MrT, and we're sticking to it!)


sid67 said...

LOL. Quick excerpt from my blog on the whole MgT versus MrT thing:

There is this movement out there to call Magister’s Terrace by the abbreviation MrT instead of something that makes sense like MgT. The whole premise is that “it’s tough, like MrT, Fool!” Umm. Well, it’s not that tough, so I have started my own movement that goes like this: If you think it is tough, then go ahead and call it MrT. If not, call it MgT. Personally, I wouldn’t want people thinking I thought it tough – so I’ll stick to calling in MgT.

Leiandra said...

Interesting thought about it being "tough", that's why you call it MrT. I call it MrT, because I think that's funny, not because it's challenging. Okay... let me analyze it from the other side then. "Mgt" looks more like "mgmt" which would be short for management. Now why would I want to go visit the management when I'm not at work? Oh no... I'm all about sticking it to the man. And while it would be a good feeling to kill "the man" every time I go into Magisters' Terrace, I'd rather kill "the man" in like a lvl 70 running through Dead Mines type of killing.

So, do I want to be reminded of "the man" or "Mgt" while playing Wow? Nope. I'd much rather think of the 80's and Mr. T. Or, more recently, the Night Elf Mohawk class which I'm sure will come in a future expansion. :)

Heilerin said...

I am lazy, mix of lower- and uppercase does not flow for me. I call it mgt or MGT in LFG. Everybody recognizes it, good enough for me.