Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Loot Reaver Becomes Void Reaver

In case you didn't read yesterday's post or you didn't log in yesterday or you only casually play World of Warcraft, Patch 2.4 went live yesterday. And as was to be expected, there were many changes. Also to be expected, many people had connection and latency issues last night. We ran our "normal" Tuesday night Void Reaver run, but we were way short on people. I don't believe we started until about an hour late, as people were trying to take care of mods, trying to stay online, or various other misadventures. So, we had a less than optimal group of 25, but it would have still worked pre 2.4.

We worked our way over to Void Reaver with only a few major problems, and then we engaged. Most of us had the updated version of Deadly Boss Mods, and a few of us had the Big Wigs updated version, but the Arcane Orbs were not being announced as they previously were. We even updated to the newest version of Big Wigs between wipes.

So, while there used to be indicators as to who was being targeted, there's now just the visual indicator of looking up at the sky and anticipating where the orbs will drop. I can pretty easily relate it to the Prince fight, because I was always the one staring up into the sky looking for where the next Infernal would drop. The difference here is that every ranged DPS and healer needs to be looking up into the sky to figure out if an orb is dropping on them or on a nearby player.

Being that this task is brand new to a lot of our folks, the night didn't go so well. Then again, even for me, a seasoned veteran in watching Infernals drop, I let a few drop right on top of my head. Sometimes, it seems that they're really hard to see. There's a console command that will allow you to zoom your camera way out; we'll try that tonight. Or maybe there will finally be a real need for the Soulcloth Vest pattern that I've had for so long. I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Oh, and I ran a non-heroic Magister's Terrace. Kind of a fun instance. We were way overgeared for it, but that's okay. And from what I hear from the Heroic setting... well, I think a guildie said it best when he said, "The heroic version is no joke."


Crysannia said...

i think blizzard was pretty coy about the changes to this encounter...nerfing it yet making the mechanics force us to react properly (probably how it was intended in the first place) but i think we can down this guy with another attempt. doesnt help that most of us were raiding with defective mods last night as well :P

Leiandra said...

Oh, totally agree, Crys. People generally don't like change. Change the mods they're used to AND the actual fight... it was sure to be a recipe for disaster. But we'll adapt, get used to it, and I'm sure we'll take him down tonight. Hopefully we'll get a few attempts in on Al'ar as well.

Leiandra said...

And Oh my gosh! Somebody rated me a 1-star! I'm blaming Chrys.