Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, this weekend was an exciting one, to say the least. My priest hit 66. Yeah for Shadowfiend. My shaman hit 64. Yeah for Wrath of Air Totem. And we spent 3 hours in the hospital for our soon-to-be latest addition, but they sent us home. :(

I know this is completely un-Wow related, but it's just kind of frustrating. This is our fourth child, so we kind of know what's going on with the whole birthing process. Yes, I understand, and will willing admit, that each pregnancy and delivery can and has been different for us. But there's still some basics that you just fully understand after going through one, let alone 3 births.

For example, with this pregnancy, my wife has been having contractions on and off for quite some time now. If this were our first child, I'm sure we would have been in the hospital a number of times already. You just don't really understand how much pain real contractions are until you actually have them. So, we held off until she was having "real" contractions. But then the nurse almost seems to talk down to us.

At any rate... the unborn child was a little dehydrated with the heartbeat around 180, so it was a good thing that we went in. But still... frustrating that the new kid isn't here yet.

Back to the Warcraft front... Wrath of Air Totem is freakin' awesome. For some reason, I thought the big totem for Elemental Shaman was the Totem of Wrath (+3% for spell hit and crit). I mean, it is THE 50 point talent for the Elemental Tree. And while it is very useful, Wrath of Air increases spell damage and healing by 101. Drop both of those, and I was putting up some pretty big numbers for a lvl 64 Shaman. I think my high so far is 1999. I'm sure I could twink myself to get much higher than 2000, but I'll just be replacing my gear later anyway, so why bother?

My priest got his dungeon set 3 pants that he won't be able to use for another 4 levels. I also completed my first Durnholde run, but I didn't get credit for burning the buildings. /sigh. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to do it again. I've got a few levels before I have to do BM anyway, soo.... Also went out to Nagrand and did the Ring of Blood thing. Nice little boost to my +healing. :)

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