Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Impressions: Heroic Magisters' Terrace

To give a quick report of yesterday's raid: Yes, we downed Void Reaver. Yes, it took us paying attention a bit more. And I'll even admit that I died and spent most of the fight coordinating while laying on the ground. (Got caught trying to figure out who should battle rez whom, and not looking out for orbs.)

After that, a group of us went to Heroic Magisters' Terrace. It was actually quite fun and a bit of a challenge. I really enjoyed it. We got the first two bosses down, and then the server reset. We went back in to the instance to find that all of the trash had respawned. While discussing whether we wanted to clear the trash again, we got another message that the server would restart again in 15 minutes. So, we called it a night.

The trash mobs themselves aren't all that hard, you just have to have ways of dealing with them. Our group consisted of me (the mage), a warlock, a rogue, and two druids (one feral and one resto). So, we could CC up to 4 mobs... I'm sure that helped out a lot. There's an imp in a lot of the groups, that can be stunlocked/solo'ed by our rogue. If he was resummoned though, he'd wreck a bit of havoc fireballing the healer.

Selin Fireheart wasn't too much of an issue. Just have to DPS him down quick and when he starts siphoning the Fel Crystals, kill them very, very quick. Other than that... it's really your basic tank and spank.

There's then a few pulls into the next few rooms that required a bit of Aoe'ing (at least with our group), but it went quite smoothly for us.

Vexallus gave us a bit more of a headache. Here's what worked for us after a couple attempts. He spawns two Pure Energy adds every 15% of his health. They have an insanely low amount of health. I would one-shot Fireblast them, but I'm sure that was overkill. Then the warlock would take out the other. We held off damaging the boss so that the 30-second Dot/debuff we got from killing the Pure Energy wouldn't stack twice. The rogue was even doing white damage (or less) for most of the fight to slow it down. Then when he hit 20% health and went into his Overload, we all kicked up the DPS as high as we could and killed him before he could take us out.

There's apparently a lot of other ways to deal with the debuff, such as iceblock, letting pets get hit with it, etc. Our way sees like it would work with almost any group make up. Also, our tank had a good amount of Arcane Resist... that helped out a lot as well.

We had the server reset(s) shortly after that, so not much else to talk about. We'll see if I can't get in there again soon so we can attempt the Priestess (which I hear is a heck of a lot harder... we'll see).

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