Monday, March 24, 2008

Dustwallow Marsh

This weekend was kind of hectic with me being sick (new sickness) and everyone's schedule just kind of seemed to be thrown out of whack. Since I was never sure how much I'd be on any given toon when I signed on, I spent the weekend mostly playing alts. I got my druid (yes, another druid (long story)), to lvl 38 last night, and I started the weekend at lvl 33. It sure sounds like a lot, but there was a lot of afk time in there as well taking care of various household things.

But the excitement and motivation for leveling him came mostly because of the level range that he's in. I dinged a couple levels out in Desolace, following the good old leveling guide that helped me through things before. (And I think I hate Desolace. I plan to never set foot in that zone again.) Then I headed off to Dustwallow Marsh to try out all the new quests there. (Yes, I know they've been out for quite some time... I'm just finally getting an alt to that level.)

I've said this before, I think Blizzard has really learned a lot about how to create quests and chains and make them feel more epic. The beginning quests used to be kill tigers... just because I said so, and that was about it. No real rhyme or reason or decent back story. But out in the new quests for Dustwallow Marsh, things are actually interesting. They tell you pretty much exactly where to go to complete a quest (unlike some of the vague tips of past quests). There's story lines that end. Heck, they even completed the Shady Inn quest chain. You get to fly over Alcaz Island (which probably hasn't seen anyone since the pre-expansion Dungeon Upgrade quests probably aren't completed at all anymore).

They even put another quest hub, flight path, and inn in at Mudsprocket. The only thing that wonder about is if they've put in a decent amount of graveyards. Thankfully, I've think I've only found 1, and that was because I was lazy and running through a bunch of stuff in travel form. But I didn't have to corpse run very far. All in all... a very good zone. I'm looking forward to completing the quests at Mudsprocket, and then back to the old zones again. Meh... I knew it couldn't last forever. :)

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