Monday, March 24, 2008

Snake Trap

Yes, I know full well that this has never been or will never be a hunter blog. I'm not a hunter. It doesn't fit my play style. That said, I'm going to complain about a hunter ability for a bit.

For those that don't know, I'm a Carebear. I play on a PVE server. Often times I thought it would have been fun to have my toons on a PVP server, but I didn't roll that. When I first started playing, my friend was on this server, so all of my substantial toons (read above level 20) are on Bronzebeard, where almost all of my friends are.

That said, I enjoy PVP. I'm not particularly good at it, but I enjoy it nonetheless. But because I'm on a PVE server, I would like to keep the two separate. I'll PVE most of the time, and I'll PVP when I go into Battlegrounds/Arena or when I intentionally turn on the /pvp flag. Even when I buff somebody that's flagged PVP, because of SmartBuff, I generally do so knowingly. I expect the Horde to pretty much leave me alone, and I do the same to them.

Blizzard seemed to have missed some of these memos though. I'm 90% sure this was corrected, but I can't find it in any patch notes. Rogues used to be able to sap people of the opposite faction, and it wouldn't flag them as PVP. Oh, that was great. A Rogue could use their CC ability and not get flagged. What an annoyance that was. So, if that's true, as a mage, I should be able to sheep somebody and it not flag me either, correct? Like I said, I believe this was fixed, so I'm not crying over this now.

This past weekend though, I happen to go afk while I was in Ratchet. I was at the flight master, but had tabbed out trying to decide which zone I was going to level in. When I came back, I was dead, and saw dead snakes all over the ground. I wasn't flagged PVP. I hadn't moved. The Horde hunter who I had seen before I went afk was flagged PVP, but that should have no impact on me. I didn't hit him. At any rate, I'm not sure what triggered the Snake Trap, but it's not exactly "fair" that it could hit me. I'm sure he did it knowingly. He obviously had to be at least level 68, and I was only 30-something.

Yes, I know I'm crying. Not a big deal most of the time. And the graveyard wasn't even that far, but still... Please fix this in 2.4, Blizzard.

Edit: I know I had nothing to do with this, but it supposedly has been changed in 2.4.


Anonymous said...

Hunter's snake trap can hit members of the opposite faction. First they lay a trap that a mob runs over. Then once the mob dies, it will hit the closest potential target, including members of the opposite faction whether flagged or un-flagged. I used to do this at the entrance to karazahn while waiting for ppl.

Leiandra said...

Yes, I know the mechanics of it. I just didn't see who set off the trap. There's not too many kiteable mobs around Ratchet that I'm aware of. I mean... at 70, wouldn't he basically 1-shot anything in the Barrens?

Logan said...

Confirmed on the new patch notes:

"Snake Trap will no longer affect non-combat flagged players."

Anonymous said...

The Horde might have been in PVP mode because he killed an NPC in Ratchet.

Anonymous said...

Why say that you are complaining about a "hunter ability"... why not say a bug since that is obviously what it is/was?