Friday, April 4, 2008

Making Money in 2.4

I know I've mentioned it at least in passing before, but let me be very clear on this point. Probalby one of the easiest and most consistent ways to make money in the game once you hit level 70 is doing your daily quest. You get an average of about 10g per quest, and some of the quests are so rediculously easy that's it's almost as if Blizzard was giving money away.

As of patch 2.4, you can complete up to 25 daily quests per day. So, if you take the time to do all of them, that's 250g. Not to mention that you'd probably get a few greens to sell in there as well. Personally, I haven't done 25 dailies in one day. Nor do I really plan to do that. There's certainly enough daily quests out there. Some of them require some pre-requisites to open up, but with the Sunwell Plataeu, there's a bunch that are simple, fast, and unlocked to all 70's. (See complete list over at WowWiki.)

Bronzebeard server is currently on phase 2. That means that there are 5 daily quest just after taking the portal to the Shattered Sun Staging Area. Further Conversions and Arm the Wards! can be completed at almost the same time. The Wretched Fiends and Devourers seem to have about a 50% drop rate for the Mana Remnants, and you can kill them while you're hunting down
the Arcane Sentries. So, about 12 kills, and you've completed 2 quests. The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory is another simple quest. Kill 6 demons, and then throw a flag onto a demon that's generally already lying there dead. Then.. now that they've nerfed the quest a bit, Distraction at the Dead Scar can be be completed in just one run. And finally, Know Your Ley Lines is a quick quest where you can pretty much just run around to three points, and collect your 10g.

So, in about 20 minutes or so... you can make 50g. Not too shabby.

Raid Update: Switched up Al'ar doing it with only 4 tanks... our tanks did it perfectly. But still haven't downed that flamer, Al'ar, yet. It seems that it's really coming together though. I'm really optimistic about next week's attempts.

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gnicodemus said...

My favorite new moneymaker is the fishing daily. It's generally quick and easy (usually takes less than ten casts) and despite that my fishing was only at about 250, I've only found one (fishing in Nagrand) that I couldn't do with the Shat +20 fishing pole and the +100 lures. Many of the quests are near the questgiver as well.

You always get at least 6-7 gold plus some +100 lures. You often get fishing gear (like the blue fishing hat) and 15 gold vendor items like silver statues and wedding bands so I average about 20g from the quests.