Wednesday, October 10, 2007

State of Zanderfin Address 10/10/07

So, I've had a couple things going on in my life lately. Mostly all Wow related, so that has been taking up a bit of my time. If the quality of posts hasn't been the highest lately in your opinion, then I'm right there with you. The non-Wow stuff I don't really talk about here, so I won't bore you with those details. Suffice it to say that I've had a couple projects at work.

Now, the Wow-related stuff...

First off, I've been very excited that my wife has been enjoying playing Wow again. Many months ago, she got her shadow priest up to the low 30's. I'm not exactly sure if she got burned out or what. Honestly, I think that there were just too many good books that she was excited to read as that is more of a passion than video games for her. Well, she's been playing again, and we've gotten our Shadow Priest / Shaman duo up to a respectable level 37. Kind of funny that every night she asks if I'm raiding, and is dissappointed when I tell her yes. (She enjoys the game, but enjoys hanging out with me most of all, so not really one to play if I'm not leveling along side her. Plus, I'd probably make her do those quests again so that I don't fall behind. heh.)

Secondly, we've always known that the /roll method of loot was not the most equal means of loot distribution. I think we've had at least 2 sessions of 7 pages of posts regarding the matter at different times, along with numerous tells and e-mails in between. We had originally planned to implement a method by the time we started Gruul's, but because nobody could agree we fell back on gearing up 2 tanks and letting everyone else /roll. Well, we finally sat and came to a decision of what we wanted to adopt. From what we've seen, every method of loot distribution has negatives and positives. Hopefully they all equal out over time. We settled on a Modified Zero-Sum DKP Point system. "Modified" being basically that you can get points by waiting outside the instance in case somebody needs to bail. So, our points won't always sum up to zero, but I think they'll work for us. There's also a small bias in that if two tank Tier items drop, one of them will go to a tank. Gotta keep the tanks alive.

Since I'm basically the one supporting our forums now, I also took it upon myself to figure out how to track this DKP. So, I've been spending a lot of time playing with at test forums to integrate phpBB3 with eqDKP. Don't think that I coded it or anything... it can all be found over at the eqDKP site. It's just a little tricky to have everything installed. Then, I launched it on our main forums. All the data is now there, but there's a small issue with Itemstats and some formatting that I need to take care of. (There's the coding part.) I'll repost about it once everything is completed.

Finally, because of major RL issues and lack of free time to commit to the guild, our Guild Master, Thellonious, decided to step down. He'll still be raiding with us; but is no longer the Guild Master. So, as of last night, Leiandra is now the new Guild Leader for Primogeniture on Bronzebeard. I've been along him every step of the way, so I guess it's really no surprise that I was chosen. I'm feeling a little bit of pressure with the responsibility, but I think we have a great bunch of guys and gals, so that should make it not too bad. Will we have issues? Of course. Will there be guild drama? Like you can avoid that. We'll push forward. We'll progress. And if we can consistently get 25 geared people online to do these instances, I think we'll be kicking a lot of butt.

So, that's my life at the moment. Or at least it's a small peak into my Wow life. I'll be sure to come up with thrilling, thought-provoking posts here in the future. Oh, and with "Flair"! You've got to have the flair. :)


DadGuy said...

When you say "but because nobody could agree we fell back on gearing up 2 tanks and letting everyone else /roll." I need to let you know something. Our OT never actually got any gear under that rule, just the MT. So while it may have been the rule, that rule was never enforced. The OT won all his gear on /rolls.

Here's hoping the DKP will help improve morale and solve more problems than it causes. heh.

DadGuy said...

Oh, and grats on your promotion to leadership!

Leiandra said...

You know... I write these things in a simplified manner as to not go into too many details. Quit being so technical. lol.

gnic said...

Gratz on the leadership!

As for the dkp I think you guys came up with a great system.

At first I was pretty disappointed . . . but I decided it's kind of the difference between putting all your money in a sound investment or the biggest national lotteries, lol. I've been sure I was going to win epic pants for 3 months now and never have, but with dkp I should get some within weeks (pretty cool).

And there's still random (free!) lottery wins when farming :).

Notlok said...

Grats on promotion Leiandra!