Friday, October 26, 2007

Spelling Counts

I had to laugh along with Gwaendar. He saw the following announcement in Barren's Chat:
The Unforgotten Warlords are now recruiting for all lvls. we got Tabard, a forum on Internet and guild bank.We help people to make them stronger so we can go dungeons and raids in the soon future. wisp Noobster or Defia for a part of TUW!!!
One of his (her?) points was not understanding why dropping the 10g for a guild tabard was a selling point. Heck, especially with all the tabards you can get nowadays, it's kind of silly.

Even from my limited marketing background, there are just so many things that are wrong with that guild recruitment advertisement. I won't totally pick it apart, it could be some 12-year old kid after all, but if in any time in your career of playing World of Warcraft you should be grammatically correct, it should probably be in that first impression when you're attempting to recruit new guild members. I'll give him the credit that he at least spelled everything accurately. And I'll even give him the benefit of the doubt that, since it's on a European server, English may not be his first language. And I'm probably over critical as well.

It's not the first time I've ever seen something like this. I just thought it was funny, so I brought it up.

p.s. Knowing my luck, ironically, there will probably be spelling and grammar mistakes in this post... a whole slew of them.


Galoheart said...

Yeah i agree. Spelling does count in the chat channel when your doing a Guild Advertising. I'm no perfect speller myself but i do my best to make sure its correct as much as possible.

But yes, i've seen advertising like that in chat or trade channel many times. Yes it can sometime be a young player. And on the days when they get picked apart in trade chat for not knowing how to spell. I just feel bad for the person that had though was not as good as spelling maybe tried.

Leiandra said...

I usually refrain from belittling people on the spot. I guess I just feel more free in my own blog. Wow... I'm evil. lol.

Gwaendar said...

/w FTW