Friday, October 26, 2007

No-Fly Zone

I've spent some more time on the Public Test Realm since I last spoke about it. I still haven't gotten in to Zul'Aman to actually kill anything. (Grouping up with one other person, making it a raid, and then going invisible down the steps hardly counts as a solid attempt.) But I haven't tried really hard to get in there either. I join the LFG tool, and that's about it. Plus, I'm usually only on for short periods of time (mainly because I'm bored without my friends), so I probably have nobody to blame but myself.

But I did want to check out the new dailies. The ones from the Consortium (I hope that gives rep as well) for the 5-man's seem like a really good idea. You can pick them up in the Lower City and there's one for a random normal instance (gives you a [Ethereum Prison Key]) and one for a random 5-man Heroic (gives you two [Badge of Justice]s). Just kind of gives you incentive to run a different instance then the same old Mechanaar for badges.

I also checked out the daily cooking quests. (Which becomes more of the source of my post for today.) The goblin in Lower City, The Rokk, told me to go make 4 [Roasted Clefthoof]s, and then put them in his pot in the Ancestral Grounds. So, off to Nagrand to collect some [Clefthoof Meat]. After leaving Shattarath City, my altitude still being quite high, I was soaring over Nagrand, and all of a sudden was dismounted. I frantically searched for my slow fall, but because I didn't take the time to fix my UI, I didn't get the spell out of my spellbook in time. *SPLAT* It was only a loss of time since I didn't really care about the gold on the PTR. But I found that all of the places I visited in Nagrand, I was unable to use my flying mount. I could use my land mount just fine. I filed a bug report.

I guess I'm mainly disappointed at how incomplete patch 2.3 is. I thought it was a lot closer, but with major bugs like that, they'll have to fix that before it goes live. Then again, it could be a quick fix by simply changing a variable for Nagrand, or something like that. The only other time I've spent any serious time on the PTR was when WoW 2.0 came out.

At any rate, I am glad that there's going to be a lot more dailies. Gives people of choice of things if they want to complete them everyday. You're not forced to do the same 6 daily quests over and over again.


Elinor said...

Although I don't think 2.3 will be out next week, I wouldn't get to worried about what looks like major bugs. I've been on almost every PTR since they started doing them (I don't do any hard core testing, but I get around a bit), and all of them have seemed pretty rough around the edges even up to the week before they release.

Leiandra said...

Good to know. Thanks for keeping my nerves in check. :)

Galoheart said...

Was looking forward to hearing all about the cooking quest as dailys. I can only hope they have much more variety of dailys and maybe some fishing quests at some points.

Leiandra said...

I've seen 2 different cooking quests so far. (The one I got, and a screen shot of one.) So, hopefully there are a few to take you to different places. Of course, with the Ancestral Grounds, I had to wander around for awhile since I basically skipped Nagrand when leveling.

Fishing would be cool too, especially since I just hit 275. Woot! Raised my cap to 375, and even did some fishing in Zangarmarsh (with a lure, of course).