Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2.3 PTR - Complaints (Satire)

Last night I had a lot of fun with a new arena team. I really enjoy the 5 vs 5 arena teams the most. Maybe it's because I have a greater chance of not being the primary target, and my AoE spells are soo much more effective when I have many targets. But my new arena team happens to be all friends, so I'm pretty sure that that's what made it enjoyable. (My previous team was simply a group of people that got together once a week in order to do our 10 games.)

After that, I spent some time on the PTR, which I plan to do tonight. I trained my new spell, Ritual of Refreshment, and then I went and cast it. Here's where my complaint is: It looks exactly like the Warlock summoning (person or healthstones). They didn't even bother to change the color. I mean come on. Warlocks are all evil and stuff. They control demons. Their Soulwell even looks demonic.

Mages are good and wholesome. Our Refreshment Table even looks like it came from the heavens (or at least from the Jetsons). At least give us a pretty shade of blue as we're summoning it. If I wanted to be evil, I would have roled a Warlock. (Before I get flamed... yes, I'm kidding, and just having fun.)


Matticus said...

That buffet table is HILARIOUS looking!

Lichas said...

No healthstone for you!

gnic said...

Heh, Lichas I agree . . . good thing neither of us are destro. What kinda FR does he think that last parenthetical tack-on is gonna get him anyways? lol.

But Lei I have to admit your refreshment table is pretty cool. Can you get both food and water from it? Just depending where you click?

Leiandra said...

Actually, you get both. You get Mana Biscuits which restore both Health AND Mana. All that, and for only one bag spot. Now maybe everyone will sit down and eat/drink after each encounter. heh.

DadGuy said...

No soup for you!