Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So Close on the Dragonkiller

We ventured into Gruul's Lair to take on the Dragonkiller himself, last night. Because of various conflicts in schedule, we took 6 (or 7, I forget) mages with us. We were a little short on healers having only 6 for about an hour, and then 1 had to leave. So, we got Gruul down to about 17%. There were improvements on each subsequent attempt, but we just couldn't down him last night.

Our main problem, obviously, was that we just didn't have the heal power we normally do. Two of our most equipped healers weren't online; and overall, we just couldn't pump out the same HPS. So, all in all it was a valiant attempt. If we had tried a couple more times, we probably could have had it. But we'll try it again tonight, and we should be successful.

One of the things I was kind of baffled about was Scorch. As I've mentioned before, when you have 5 Scorch Debuffs up on the target, everyone does an additional 15% fire damage. One of our mages is Frost, so he doesn't count, but the rest of us are Fire. The odd thing was though that there were only 3 of us that were renewing the Scorches. Ideally, we only have to cast 1 scorch each, and with 5 of us, we've got the full 15%. I really noticed this when two of the other Scorchers had died, and the rest of us were alive. I first noticed that I was the one that kept renewing the Scorch. So, I did a little experiment and let the debuff run out, then I started Scorching it up again. I had to cast all 5 of the Scorches.

In theory, the highest DPS should be casting Scorch the least. Let him hit with the Fireballs to cause maximum raid damage. The lowest DPS should probably be the one to hit with the improved Scorch every 25 seconds or so. Everyone can pitch in at the beginning to get the full 15% and also to maintain a lower aggro at the beginning. I just don't understand how as a fire mage, you would completely ignore this spell. /boogle


Sirsha said...

I think there are various factors that play into this equation. I have noticed the same thing on various occasions. I'll be the only one putting up scorch or notice that it expires and have to put it back up again even with other fire mages on the run. Just to throw a couple out there. A) You're out of range to cast scorch, but can still cast fireball due to its longer range. This isn't the case on some fights as distance just isn't an issue on others staying away from others is crucial and running around all over the place just so you can pop up scorch is going to cause you to do less dmg than just not doing it at all. B) Plain and simple you just forget to throw it up because you're trying to stay out of a cave in and run away from people on shatter etc etc every boss fight has things that can cause you to miss your chance to renew it. Even though we may want to try and get on our high horse and say I'd never do that or anyone that plays well wouldn't do that I refer back to my original comment. I think we've all on occasion been the only one scorching and noticed that to be the case.

DadGuy said...

Gruul died, so it's a moot point.

Or something.

Leiandra said...

@Sirsha... So, we've become a 1-button class? I'm kidding! Yes, there have been many times when I've forgotten to put the Scorchs back up. But I've also run 5-mans with these guys and they don't usually put it up either. Even when I just "refuse" to do it for a fight or two, they still won't put it up. Why on earth would you willingly give up an additional 15% damage?

Sirsha said...

yeah I agree with you Leiandra I'm not sure why you'd not do it if you were able. For me on short trash fights I'll throw one or two up there and just fireball away. If I spend too much time scorching some trash its just dead before I even get a fireball off with a good group. On boss fights I try my hardest to keep up the 5 scorches when I'm able.