Friday, July 18, 2008

The Naga Stole My Guild Vault

I decided to do some realigning of some of my toons and the guilds that they're in. I have a guild that's basically just a 1-tab guild vault, but I have my 70 Shaman and my wife's toons in there. Not sure why... it just ended up that way. So, I decided to hand the reigns over to my bank toon, who just got her horse on Tuesday.

In order to do that, I had to pass guild leadership to another account (my wife's account), and then back to mine. By coincidence, I checked the guild vault just after I had given the guild to my wife's toon. And there was nothing. I checked the log to make sure nothing was taken out (there's a few other RL friends that are in that guild, but they rarely log on, and never use the vault), and nothing was.

So, once again it was off to open a trouble ticket with Blizzard. They had me delete those special WTF, Cache, and Interface folders in hopes that it was just my computer. I backed them up... it was not the problem. I'm sure it will get fixed, it's just a minor inconvenience more than anything. I mean, I can see the log right in WowArmory. I could calculate and tell you exactly what's in the vault. Well... what should be in the vault.

On another note... as a recent 70 with both my Resto Shaman and Holy Priest, I really have to stop just greeding on all greens in instances. Some of them (a lot actually) are pretty good upgrades. Leiandra is just to epic to notice anything that's a blue, so the greens don't even enter my mind. I really need to change that so I can gear those two up. lol.

I ran Shadow Lab last night in a Pug with my priest. It always helps to have a good tank, which we did. The rogues (yes two), kept hitting everything, so that was kind of annoying that I had to heal them as much as I did. The Hallowed Garments dropped off Murmur. But I don't think they're really all that much better than the Mooncloth Vestments. Oh sure, there's also the good amount of Spirit. At any rate... an upgrade is an upgrade, so I should probably start wearing the new ones.


Galoheart said...

I have my long time Alt 13 Warlock as my Banker. I call him my money manager since he has all my money literally. But he has his own guild bank since patch 2.3.

His guild bank has 4 bank tabs I use to store stuff or bank stuff to eventually sell. Hard to believe as a Tank I get all those tabs actually filled with stuff.

Anyway I have a second Alt Banker my S.Priest manages the guild i recently started but then eventually took it private guild thus another private guild Bank there. That one has 5 Guild Bank slots. Funny thing 4 of the 5 guild Banks slots are about filled of stuff. So between both alts of mines I have 9 just for one main and now including my recent new 70 my Hunter.

Managing 9 bank slots is a full time job at the AH deciding what to sell today, what to hold back, what to sell when the market is inflated on AH and what to sell when the AH need supplying. I call it fun, seems to be my favorite pastime playing the AH or manipulating market pricing. Nice to have a few guild vaults.

Leiandra said...

Oh my gosh, Galo! You're a packrat. lol. I don't even have my one banker filled with her bags. I just had the bank guild as a cheaper way to get stuff between leveling toons and my wife's toon.

But hey, that's what makes Wow so much fun. There's really no right way to play the game. Just as long as you're having fun.

p.s. I tried to convince the GM that I also lost 1 million gold. He/she didn't buy it. Maybe I should have just come to Galo for the money. lol.

Jimbo said...

Congrats Leiandra you found a bug!

As for your shammy needing greens, that's just silly. Go do dungeons/quests and get some blues!!! Lazy alt! :)

Jimbo said...

Of course you could always go enhancement and start wearing those purples that always drop for you.

Leiandra said...

I have been willing to do dungeons but I've had issues getting tanks who will protect my butt. And most of the tanks I know aren't really willing to do (A) late night runs or (B) runs of non-heroic instances.

And I thought I explained the enhancement predicament... sure, I have 3 epics, but then the rest of me will be naked or AH greens. And being that weapons are kind of important for melee... and I'd need 2... Not ruling it out, just saying that I'd need gear there as well.