Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going to Blizzcon

I can't believe I forgot to mention this to all my loyal, loving fans. For those that don't know, I live in Southern California. In fact, I grew up in and live in Orange County, which is the same county that Anaheim is in, which is the city where Blizzcon will be this year (and every year so far).

At any rate, I've kind of shunned going to Blizzcon for the past years. I don't know... I just couldn't justify spending the money to go. And who knows who else would actually go that I know anyway?

Well the seed for going this time was probably first planted by Sirsha (who lives in UT, btw) last year or so. Sirsha used to work with my best friend, Elinor; and the three of us, along with Justicar (Dadguy and another co-worker) and Dargus (Elinor's brother) pretty much leveled up to 60 together, so we all go way back. At any rate, Sirsha planted the seed by saying that him and his brother (another good friend) would come down for the next Blizzcon.

Now, it looks like Elinor will be coming down for the convention. And Dargus and his wife, that now plays, will be going as well. And for my birthday, my wife's present was to watch the kids while I go off and "play" at Blizzcon for two days. The "certificate" said something like (I don't have it hear, so I can't quote it), "Go have fun talking strategy with all your fellow dorks."

So, for anyone that's going, we'll probably have to figure out how to hook up somehow. And if you're my close friends, you've probably got my cell phone number anyway. lol. But come hang out with a fellow dork.

Oh, and Anadori? I love you. Thanks for the awesome present.


Anadori said...

Does this mean you'll make all my shadowcloth for me now? :-)

And btw...Elinor, Dargus, etc. I really meant "dorks" in the nicest way...I hope you all have a great time hanging out at Blizzcon together!

Leiandra said...

/sigh. I suppose. But I do need to figure out how to get Primal Fire at a decent price.

elinor said...

Blizzcon ftw

DadGuy said...

Hope you have a blast! =)

Leiandra said...

Wish you were here, dadguy. :)