Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Mount Goal

For quite some time now, I've have my level mid-20's paladin be my bank alt. For some reason, I just never got around to leveling her, and I probably never will. But, as you can read from yesterday's post (a lot of good suggestions, btw), I've been thinking about mounts.

And why shouldn't I be? In the next minor patch, the first riding level will be reduced to 30 from 40. That means that my paladin is pretty close to getting her free mount. I took her out to level her just a bit. She's currently 28; just 2 more levels to go. The funny thing is: the only thing she had in her bags when I had this great idea was a hearthstone and a mining pick. (Oh, and some lvl 70 greens that I hadn't put up on the AH yet.)

So, no water. No potions. Kind of au naturel, if you will. Well, she still had all her armor and Verigan's Fist that I had obtained shortly after hit 20 a long, long time ago. So, when I am low on mana or whatnot... I just take on one mob while I got my mana back. If I am low on mana and health, I simply get to a safe spot and go do something else (fix food, check mail, etc.) while everything goes back. It's kind of a relaxing way to level. I couldn't imagine doing it all the way to 70, but it's a change of pace.

And once she hits 30, she'll head back to Stormwind to manage the financial affairs of Leiandra and my other toons. But when the patch goes out... she'll have a horse. :) (At least, I hope she will.)


Anonymous said...

Once they get beyond the mid-30s, Paladins are great for pacing while grinding/farming/questing. A little low on health? Just pop a heal or put on Seal of Light/Judgement of Light. Low on mana? Use Blessing/Seal/Judgement of Wisdom. Perform damaging Seals/Judgements (Righteousness, Vengeance, Command), or Consecration, when you're doing OK on mana, otherwise, just go a little more slowly, and prevail with your longevity.

Beyond a certain point, you hardly ever need to use Seal/Judgement of Light, since it's more efficient to recover mana instead and then pop a heal with it (bubble optional). It still comes in handy sometimes, though, if you just blew your bubble(s) and LoH, but you still need to finish off 1 or more mobs.

You can also play tricks with your various talents/abilities to squeeze out even more efficiency (e.g. if you're high-level Prot, wait until a Reckoning proc before sealing/judging Seal of Vengeance, so that you can quickly stack the debuff, for maximum effect).

I hardly ever need to eat or drink on my (high 60s) Paladin; I just change around my blessings/seals as necessary. More challenging scenarios just take a little longer to complete, but at least there's not a lot of boring downtime between kills.

My Prot Warriors, on the other hand, pretty much need to eat after every kill, especially against equal or higher-level mobs that do significant magical damage. Lots of downtime. Kinda drives me batty.

Leiandra said...

But... but... I just want a free mount. :)

(Not to minimize your comment. Very true and insightful, I just don't particularly enjoy playing a paly.)

Elinor said...

There is only one way to level a pally. That is with a warlock. (joke).

Although I find that leveling my protection pally with my warlock brother speeds things along well. I rush in like a crazy man, consecrating and he rain of fires. 5-10 mobs, no prob :-)