Monday, July 7, 2008

Filtered Reading Ahead

I've always enjoyed playing the mage class. Sure, from time to time I get frustrated with certain aspects of it, but mostly... I'm a mage. I just like the idea of being a mage.

I understand there are a lot of great players out there that are mages in pvp. I'm not one of them. If it's me vs. pretty much anyone else, I usually just jump off a cliff. (I heard they don't get credit for the kill if I do that.) If it's more like PVE where I have a healer, and a "tank" to help mitigate some damage, I do well. But pure pvp, I'm just not that practiced.

Before TBC came out, I was reading a lot on the official forums. "Mage is broken!" they'd yell. Post after post, that was all I read. And had been enjoying my mage until I had read so many "you suck" posts. So I did what any self-respecting mage would do. No, I didn't re-roll a warlock. I stopped reading. I stopped letting the mob mentality seep into my thoughts. I stopped caring what this mass of trolls on the Internet was saying.

With the next expansion coming up, I've noticed some of the same trends coming up. "Buff this class!" "Nerf this class!" "Make mages king of DPS!" What's wrong with providing constructive feedback, you ask? Nothing, but "you suck" isn't constructive. And while there are a fair number of people that can dps higher than me in my raid, I still enjoy playing my class.

I'll admit that I'm not all that excited about becoming a Living Bomb, but WoTLK is only in alpha. Who knows what will be of the talents when they're actually released. Furthermore, it seems that almost all talents are useful some of the time. Maybe it's one of those that are cooler once you try it. I wasn't super excited about Dragon's Breath either, but when I was fire and I finally tried it, it was a very useful spell.


Anonymous said...

Really at this stage the only thing people can do is QQ - which is a shame I think.

While I worry a little about the idea that there wont be much more to the mage class that extra damage - don't know that for a fact.

Fortunately it looks like I will be away for the release, so hopefully most of the QQing will be out of the way before I start trying out the WoLK Mage.

DadGuy said...

If it's true that the lock can turn into a demon I'm all over that.

I think I'm secretly evil at heart. That or an RPer, I like the idea of a lock, and the undead as well. It fits the theme a bit better. Mages in WoW are kind of gimp in the grand lore scheme of things.

But hey, that's just my opinion. ;)

Leiandra said...

See? See? Buff mages!!!! lol.