Wednesday, September 26, 2007

2.2 Impact

Given previous patch days, yesterday seemed like a pretty smooth patch day. After the few updates I was able to get, most of my mods seemed to work. From what I could tell, the world servers all pretty much stayed up. (We were about to engage Gruul when Bronzebeard went down for a short time and then the instance servers were down for about 30 minutes. But overall stability seemed decent for a patch day.)

Of course, I know there's some guildies that would completely disagree with me. Who knows what add-ons some of them were using, but we were getting a ton of people that kept relogging multiple times. One guildie threw his hands up in disgust at how poor a company Blizzard is. Personally, I think the standard UI is pretty stable, it's just the mod community that hasn't updated all their mods. Can you blame them? It had only been a few hours since the patch went live.

I've seen a couple different lists of undocumented changes. The two that I really noticed were:
  1. All members of our raid that got killed in the High King Maulgar fight got rezzed with full mana. (Although the Druid's Rebirth was the same.) I'm sure this is a bug, but was nice to have last night.
  2. UI scaling has been tweaked. To quote Hortus from the official forums:
The WoW client now automatically resizes windows to maintain aspect ratios.

So if you are in windows mode and and have the same resolution set in game as you have for your windows desktop the window will be slightly re-sized to fit into the space allowed above the task bar. This eliminates stretching and distortion that occurred when windows were filling the available space.

If you do not have UI scaling turned on your UI elements should stay relatively the same size when switching resolutions, you can use the UI slider to adjust the size to your needs.

I guess it's time for me to turn on UI scaling so I can fit all my add-ons on the screen. Anything else you've noticed in Wow 2.2?


DadGuy said...

The UI scaling really threw me through a loop until I figured that out. And all my addons worked except itemrack with the old versions, but I was prepared for that one. =)

Leiandra said...

The only mod that's "broken" for me that I can tell is smart debuff. That darn box to decurse people keeps jumping up in the upper left corner no matter how many times I pull it back into view.