Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I Learned about Prince Malchezaar

So, I've talked about Prince once or twice in my blog. And I noticed that I may have "under-blogged" the necessity to have a really well geared tank. I think I've kind of taken that for granted. Of course, aren't tanks and healers always the unappreciated parts of the party? I'm certainly no tank. My range of tank alts is pretty low. I have a level 32 Druid that has pretty much done everything solo. I have a level 26 Paladin that has seen a few low level instances, and even tanked a few. And I have a level 19 Warrior. So, while I can't really give the intimate details of being a stellar tank, I have noticed a huge difference in different tanks that we use.

As with any class, there's two aspects of how well any toon will perform. First, there's the issue of gear. In my opinion, a warrior taking on Prince is probably going to want to have [Crest of the Sha'tar]. Yeah, it takes a bit of instance crawling in the Tempest Keep to make get the exalted rep required, but it's a guaranteed purple. No matter how anyone rolls, as long as you do enough Tempest Keep runs, this will be yours, guaranteed. For a druid, it's going to be [Earthwarden], which requires Coilfang Reservoir runs until exalted with Cenarian Expedition.

The next aspect, and probably more importantly, is the skill of the person actually playing that character. We often joke, sometimes more seriously than others, that certain PUG toons that we've run across got their accounts off of E-bay. It basically means that they didn't take the time to level to 70 (in the true literal meaning of it) or that they just didn't pay attention to how their class works or should work during those 70 levels. I have seen some exceptional players with mediocre gear pull off truly amazing feats.

Again, Prince Malchezaar needs both. The exceptional gear helps to absorb or mitigate some of the devastating damage that he does. But the tank also needs to know when to take potions or use trinkets, etc. It's a tough fight, and there's some luck that comes in as well. He also can proc Windfurry or something of that nature and do like 16K damage in less than a second.

So, what else have I learned? I've learned that his Shadow Nova, which is always a bad thing to take damage from, has a 30 yard range. Coincidently enough, my wand also had a 30 yard range. Luckily, my Scorch and Fireball spells have a > 30 yard range. So, if I can attack with my wand and I'm enfeebled, I'd better back up.

I've also learned to watch the comets that drop out of the sky and become Infernals. The comet always follows the same initial path, and then it will randomly turn once and follow that path until it hits the ground. It's a bit tough to figure out exactly where it will drop, but you can still get a pretty good idea.

Long story made short about last night: We attempted Prince a number of times. I think we got him down to 18% our first attempt, so we knew it would be possible. On the last attempt, his health seemed to sit at 1% for the longest time. Of course, most everyone was dead at that point because of all the Infernal spawns, so it probably did take a really, really long time. But, more importantly... when it was all said and done... Primogeniture had 2 (or 3) people standing over the Prince's dead body. I think it was the first Prince kill for about 7 of the people on the raid, so it was a great accomplishment.

Those are a few of my observations being a ranged DPS watching out for those darn Infernals. What have you learned from your experiences with Prince?


DadGuy said...

I've learned that without healers that know what they are doing, it doesn't matter how well the tank does or doesn't do.

I've learned that being agile in placement is more important than relying on luck in this fight.

I've learned the imprtance that consumables can make on this fight, and all endurance fights.

Leiandra said...

I used to sit on the same mana pots for months too afraid to use them. Now I quest to get money to pay for my pots. I'll easily use 2 or 3 pots per fight, sometimes more. A mage without mana = expendable. lol.

Sirsha said...

Agreed Leiandra I go through a lot of mana pots. I did find that making my top 3 mana gems was really awesome. I just popped the first one as soon as I needed it and then the other two just as fast as I was able. At about 35%(suggestion from dadguy) I evocated. At the end I thought I was getting hit by the swords but it was an infernal and by the time I realized it..it was too late lesson learned.

Leiandra said...

Excellent point on the mana gems, Sirsha. I always have at least the top 3 ready for any boss fight. If I have to get down to the 4th, we're probably in trouble. And the 4th is so bad, it would probably be better for me to use a healthstone. (I hate how those share the same cool down.)

I hate how much time evocate takes, but love that we have it. Yes, it is much better to evocate when Prince is at 35% health in Phase 2 then when he's at 29% health and dropping infernals all over you in Phase 3.

Notlok said...

I have learned to always try to stay ahead Princes monster hits. He hits so dang hard a trick I do when fighting(as fight permits) is, I always have a GHeal on it way up. I will cancel if not needed but a majority of the time works out just right.

I have learned a prayer of mending goes along way to help take some of the the shock of those axes.

Leiandra said...

Great to have a healer's perspective. Thanks, Notlok.