Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun With Dailies

I realize this is probably old news to most of my readers, but I was a little slow on these. I'm just now starting some of the dailies, and the fun that goes along with them. Oh, and there's a good bit of money to be had as well. So, just what are Daily Quests or Dailies? Most of the dailies are quests that can be completed fairly quickly. You can do up to 10 dailies per day; and as the name implies, you can doe each of these quests every day, once per day. It seems that most of them are about 12g and reputation each time you turn them in. So, not bad. So, where are these quests?

At 58, you can start getting the ones from Honor Hold or Thrallmar (depending on your faction). Sometimes referred to as the PVP or Towers quest. You basically have to capture each of the 3 towers in Hellfire Peninsula. Not a lot of gold on this one, but you do get 3 Marks of Honor that can be spent at the Quartermaster for your faction here in Hellfire Peninsula. You also get some reputation with that city.

After that, I'll send you on over to Wowwiki to see all of them. I haven't done Banish More Demons from the Ogri'la yet, because I don't have the reputation yet. Nor have I done any of the Netherwing quests yet (still shy the 5000g for my epic flying mount). But I think a lot of them are a lot of fun. The egg bombings for Fires over Skettis are kind of neat. I hate those stupid birds that knock you out of the sky. Finding the prisoner for Escape from Skettis can be a huge pain, especially if all the spawn points are camped.

Bomb Them Again, Wrangle More Aether Rays!, and The Relic's Emanation are all pretty new to me. I think they're all pretty novel ideas. Granted, the Aether Rays has kind of been done before (see Fallen Hero of the Horde quest line) where you have to take an enemy down to a certain % and then do something before they die. Unfortunately, I kept killing the Aether Rays. I guess my spells just hit too hard.

The Relic's Emanation = Simon. Simply, fun, entertaining, but not aggravating to where you have to memorize a pattern of 20. Bomb Them Again is kinda almost exactly what I wanted/imagined when I first starting dreaming of a flying mount. I'm just really impressed with these quests. I really need to get out of a dungeon so that I can quest more. There's a lot of neat quests out there.

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