Tuesday, August 28, 2007

High King Maulgar - First Kill

Last night was our second attempt at High King Maulgar. He's now dead. Well, technically because of today being Tuesday and the server maintenance, not really sure if he's dead or alive... but he was dead last night when we looted his corpse. He dropped [Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender], [Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender], and a third item that I totally can't remember at the moment. (Help me out, guys.) Those two pauldrons went to two of our druids, so gratz Justicar and Melanion.

The fight is pretty hectic. By far the pull and first few moments are the hardest. Each time you kill one of the 5 ogres, the fight gets a little easier. I honestly lost track of how many attempts we had. Our main problems were keeping the mage alive through the fireball that he'd have to take and keeping the Main Tank alive against High King Maulgar's hard hits. The warlock, Olm, didn't really give us any troubles (for the most part), and Blindeye, the priest, wasn't really an issue either except for the occasional big heal that he got off in some of the attempts. Kiggler got lose a few times, and I had to help range tank him. Me with about 20 nature resist. lol.

Our final attempt was one that wasn't starting out the best. Our Main Tank had to be battle rezed. The fight as a whole seemed slow and not one of our best attempts. But as we continued to trudge along, there was a clearing, and there was about 23 of us left to face the High King alone. After his enrage and a few deaths (including myself), we defeated him. So, the first time we got all the adds down, we 1-shotted him. (Isn't it amazing what the right qualifiers can do to a statement?)

To me, it's one of those fights that's really hard to learn (for some unknown reason), but once you get it, it's kinda a piece of cake. I say that now having killed him only once. lol. Like somebody said last night, the fight is very similar to the Moroes fight. You can watch videos, read strategy guides, but you don't really learn the fight until you start doing it. And at first it seems very difficult. And then something just clicks, and it becomes an easy fight. I'm not sure we've had that complete "click" yet, but I know things were falling into place, and we finally did it... that's the proof.

Gratz to all of Primogeniture. We've all contributed to the success. This week, let's kill the High King and Gruul!!!

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