Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Item Links

After much struggling with other possible solutions that didn't work out, I had to give credit where credit was due. I recently stumbled across Armory Musing... and found that he too was on Blogger and he had mouse-over item stats (something that I thought was really cool and was trying to figure out without having to write all the data myself). Furthermore, he even explained how to link items such as [Etermium Runed Blade] on a post here. So a big shout out and Thank You to Okoloth.


Lichas said...

I was wondering how you did that then I thought a bit about it. AJAX rules. I thought about putting together my own library of items then I realized how many there were and I have no clue to get all the item graphics.

It would be super handy to have now that I'm trying to rewrite phpBB in ASP.Net (I know theres already stuff out there) but I can think of so many useful situations where having that information visually available on a guild website would rock (item lists, etc). This approach should work for any website I think though.

Leiandra said...

The one round peg that I really tried to fit in the square hole of my site was It's nice because you don't have to write (or copy) a lot of code for each link. You basically just enclose the typed out name in [itemco] or something like that, and it will get all the data for you. It looks like it would work with phpBB pretty nicely (or so the site says).

With this code I have now, I have to find the item on Allakhazam, get the number, remember to change if the item is epic, legendary, etc. Bottom line though... this one works. :)

Gnicodemus said...

Hey. The item stats popup is way cool. If you guys find a cool template to paste into posts on our guild website that works with the itemstats php let me know. Very nice. Gratz!