Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Disappointment with the Skyguard

As I mentioned, I am having a lot of fun on some of these daily quests. I'm sure it will wear off when I've done them for like the 100th time. Part of the appeal, I'll admit, is the promise of future rewards. I can't wait to get the [Airman's Ribbon of Gallantry]. But that will take me a bit of time. For a more immediate award, I focused on the flight path at honored reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard.

Now, I'll admit that I didn't do any research on this flight path. From what friends said (or at least what I remembered), once you hit honored, you got another flight path down to Blackwind Landing. So, last night, I burned a little extra midnight oil (okay, well past midnight after all the other things I did), and made sure I hit honored. I turned in my quest to hit honored, and strutted over to the guy that would be the flight master. I was puzzled when, upon talking to him, he didn't open a map like all other flight masters do. And then I was just plain disappointed when I finally figured out that this flight was only between two points. With my porting abilities, there's almost no reason to take this flight path. Oh well... I took it once. I'll eventually get the Nether Mount itself, I suppose. And there's still Airman's Ribbon to look forward.


Elinor said...

I don't see how porting would get you between the two camps faster?

You could port to shatt between the two, but then you'd have to fly to either Slyvanaar or Allerian Stronghold. Then you would have to mount and actually fly up to either one of the camps.

It is just a lot easier to click on the guy and fly direct.

Leiandra said...

Hmm.. I may have to time it. Yes, flying direct would be easier, but I still think that porting and flying would be faster. It may be debatable since I don't have my epic mount. But I think if I had that, hands down, porting would win.

DadGuy said...

I prefer to take this flight path just because it's more direct (you don't make all the loops and swirls that the other FP does) as well as being a break -- I can walk away for 5 mins then start doing daily quests again.