Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WUU - WoW UI Updater

Like a number of people, I use a fair amount of add-ons or "mods". Patch day can be a major pain with procedures that are no longer allowed so your once precious mods are disabled and you're forced to use solely the Blizzard UI. (Which, after all the things they've stolen incorporated from mod developers isn't near as bad as it used to be.) Personally, my mods mostly just add functionality. I'm not 100% gimped if I don't have them; I'm just not 100% as effective. (Cryolysis, a mage mod, is a perfect example. Helps me with portals and watching sheep, but doesn't kill my game.) But besides the patch days, a lot of the times you want the latest updates for your mods to incorporate all the updates and changes, you just keep forgetting to look up before you launch the game.

Enter WUU - WoW UI Updater. Now, I'll admit that I just downloaded this quasi-mod last night. The official web site can be found here. It's a stand alone program that checks your mods' versions against the versions that are now available on the Internet. You can specify which mod site you want the updates to come from, but a lot of the mods, once scanned, will have a default web source. There's still a couple mods that it missed. For example, it catches Auctioneer, but it doesn't recognize !Swatter or BottomScanner (both in the Auctioneer pack). So, it's not fool-proof, but it did update a bunch of my mods, so now I'm a believer.


DadGuy said...

Cool, I'll have to check into this.

Bill said...

Agreed that is pretty cool.