Friday, June 1, 2007

Karazhan - Round 2

We're grouping up for this weekends run. From the people that have committed, it sounds like we've got all our bases almost covered. 2 tank warriors, 1 pally (MH), 2 priests (1 shadow, 1 holy), a warlock (who may not be able to come), a shaman (yeah for yummy shammy buffs), and me, the mage. There's obviously more in the guild, but the forums are so underutilized. It's really a shame. We've also got a druid that has befriended our guild (not yet wanting to join), so we may be able to grab him. I really feel there's a huge benefit of having one of each class. Sure you can argue that certain classes aren't needed as much as others, but each is unique and brings great abilities to the table. And some classes make certain tasks or parts of instances easier, but as a whole, I think it's probably the best to have one of each class on a raid. I'll give the status update on next post.

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