Friday, June 8, 2007

Free Manna Biscuits

I've read a number of different articles and posts lately that seem to show that there exists (or can exist) a very selfish attitude towards pick-up groups. There was a post on the WoW forums that basically said, why should I use my disenchanting ability for free in a PUG when I'm the only one that can use the materials? Rather selfish if you ask me. (You can dig it up by yourself if you're really interested in it.)

So, I got thinking of all the things I give away for free when I'm in a PUG. As a mage, I hand out Glacier Water to all the mana users. (I purchased the spell for about 100g IIRC.) I hand out Croissants to any who ask for it. (Got a drop for that spell.) I usually buff everyone with Arcane Brilliance at least once. (Takes a reagent, in case you didn't know.) And I'll provide a portal at the end of our voyage. (Another reagent.) As an enchanter, I'll volunteer to shard the item for whoever won the roll. (I don't ask for tips like the WoW forum poster may have eluded to.) If I liked the group, I may even let them use my disenchanting services after the run. (Tips are appreciated.)

Do I feel like I'm going the extra mile? No, not really. It's a small price to pay to help the group along. On my priest alt, back before TBC, I was in a PUG for Scholomance with my current guild leader, Thellonious (who I believe was playing his hunter at the time), and other random people including a mage. The mage was a recent 60 and hadn't completed his water quest in BRD. He was so embarrassed about his "crappy" water, that he handed out Enriched Manna Biscuits instead of his water. Those are like 60s per stack of 5, and he gave us each stacks of 20!

This brings me to my link. Tobold brings up a great article: How much do you owe a pick up group? He makes some awesome points about groups in Everquest vs. Wow. Overall... I want the group to succeed. But if it's taken me 2 hours to get to the first boss, I doubt I'm staying with them too much longer.

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