Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moroes Hints

Last night, we ventured into Karazhan once again. We easily strolled into the stables and downed Attumen the Huntsman without any problems. He dropped something new for us, that made one of our priest very happy. The Gloves of Saintly Blessing was one of the items and the other was some mail piece that quickly got turned into 2 Void Crystals (no hunters or shaman last night).

After him, our MH had to leave, so we got one of our druids, who's not resto spec'ed, to come help out on the heals. I thought we had Moroes on farm, but apparently I was wrong. First we ran into an unfortunate experience of having both tanks on Moroes lose agro. One got gouged, and the other got blinded, so Moroes ran through the rest of our party taking out the healers and so we had to reset the event. Another time, Baroness Dorothea Millstipe got off a couple of Mana Burns to leave those member with no mana. And a third time, we left 2 of the adds shackled and our two tanks didn't have enough agro.

So... this is not a full guide, but here's some of the things that I feel are very important; a Lessons Learned, if you will. This should be taken with other guides read as well.

(1) The Mana Burn from Millstipe has to be interrupted no matter what. She burns 6000 mana, which can be quite a huge blow.

(2) Keep the adds under control. You generally have two tanks that both need to be on Moroes due to the gouge and blind abilities. If you keep all but one add shackled or ice trapped, then you only have to kite around one add until you kill it. Unfortunately, this takes time. Crippling Poison or a Mage's Ice Bolt will be enough to make it easier, but these have to stay up.

(3) Lady Keira Berrybuck is a paladin that can bubble and heal. Stun her around 25-30% and then finish her off quickly. It just makes the fight against her take so much longer if she has time to heal herself or others.

(4) Know when to reset the event. By running Moroes out of the room, it resets the event. If key players, namely one of your tanks or healers, die during the first phases of the fight, reset the event. It'll take less time to rez the couple then it will to have a full wipe.

It should be a simple encounter, but there's little things that can make it challenging. Having everything under control, it's a simple gear check. If you've got the gear and you know what you're doing, you should sail through it most of the time. (There's always exceptions or unlucky things that can happen.) Anyone else have any hints or tips that I missed.

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DadGuy said...

Other than "keep the non-resto healing druid's aggro lower than #2" so that when the tank gets blinded there's time to cast abolish poison before getting 2 shotted.