Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rezzing Woes

I formed a guild run last night for Shadow Labs to get a couple new guildies (new to Primo, but were in my old guild Cracked Anvil Trading Co) their first key shard for Karazhan. It was a warrior, druid, mage, warlock, and rogue. From the looks of it, it seems like it's a good group. The only thing I forgot about is that we don't have a rezzer in case of wipes. We had the SS and the battle rez every 30 minutes, but that wouldn't help much in a near wipe.

So, we started talking about why hasn't Blizzard created an alchemy recipe that will allow you to SS yourself? It seems like almost every class has the ability to rez except for mages and warriors. (Rogues don't count since I know too many that are engineers and have jumper cables. lol.) Why not give the rest of us a chance to get a re-do every hour or so? I'm just saying.

Yes, yes... I'm well aware that this will never happen. Every boss encounter would automatically become easy since everyone has 2 lives. Not to mention that it would take an ability away from the Warlocks, essentially giving them a Nerf (which the developers would never do to their beloved Locks). Anyway... that's just my ramblings for today.


DadGuy said...

Nerf mages!

SushiBoy said...

Nerf dr00ds.

Elinor said...

Lets just give everyone all the skills and then it would be much easier to make a group :-)