Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ogri'las and Gold

Anyone who's been level 70 for more than a week probably knows what great gold there is in doing quests. The average quest in Netherstorm or Shadowmoon gives you about 10g instead of the experience you got pre-70. So, last night, I got invited to do the starter quests for the Ogri'las. The quests start with V'eru in Shattrath City who tells you to speak with Grok, also in Shattrath City, who then tells you to speak with Mog'dorg the Wizened in Blade's Edge just outside of the arena. The next quests are all 5-man quests, so bring a group before you leave Shatt. Mog'dorg gives you 3 quests that give you about 20g each, and then you have to kill another elite that gives you 25g. To sum it up, 85g for about 30 minutes of work isn't too shabby at all. Not to mention that everything can be looted from anyone around (doesn't have to be the party that got the kill) this could be a quick guild event to land everyone some quick money in their pocket.

On another note, in talking with one of my guildmates last night, I was admiring, nay, drooling over his flying epic mount. I just want to be one of those cool kids, but I digressed. From his point of view, and probably fairly accurate, I choose to level tailoring and enchanting to 375 (well, 372 atm for enchanting), and he choose to buy a flying epic mount. So, here's the next tangent to comment on: Is it better to have the income stream from the beginning by skilling up your profession, or is it better to be able to complete travel faster in order to complete quests and farm mats (racing to nodes) faster? Personally, I like being able to craft things even if it's not the smartest financial move (not saying that it is or isn't), so there's that factor to consider as well.


DadGuy said...

I think unless there's something very specific you want out of a crafting profession, you're better off getting a flying mount.

But it depends really. I can't stand sitting in chat announcing such and such a service for sale, it's just not fun. For some it is and there's money to be made there as well. it all depends on what you find enjoyable.

Leiandra said...

Yeah, I've been trying to figure out how much a Primal Nether goes for so that I can craft a Spellstrike Hood for somebody else. (Have 1 Nether atm.) I thought it was about 400g (for the Nether and the semi-rare pattern). I think a guy I found last night was trying to low-ball me at 200g. I think I'll hold out a bit.

And yes, enchanting isn't fun to hang out and advertise, but you can make some pretty good money off of it.

SushiBoy said...

I went for my mount, before lvling even. So I am well on the mount side of things. It makes questing and other stuff so much faster!

DadGuy said...

The primal nether's when I was playing went for around 200-250g, not sure how things have changed in that regard.