Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Armory Update

Sorry for missing yesterday's post. I was a bit under the weather. (Falling asleep during dinner and then crashing on the couch for 10 hours at 7 pm is not normal for me.) But I've made an almost full recovery and feeling about 98%. Anyway...

For those that haven't seen the Armory section that Blizzard has created, do yourself a favor and go check it out. For those that haven't seen it today, do yourself a favor and go check it out again. The Armory has had a few upgrades that seem to have gone into effect this morning. You can now mouse over your items to see a little arrow besides it. Mousing over that will provide a "Find an Upgrade". You can then click on that to see a list of Blizzard-provided upgrades to your gear. Not only that, but it will tell you where that item drops (quest, rep, name of boss, etc.) and the drop rate (high, low, etc). Mousing over the stats of the "new" item will give you a comparison to your item- how many stats you'll gain or lose. Also, clicking on an item itself will tell you if it is disenchantable, what it is likely to turn into (or the guaranteed on some items), and what skill level enchanting is needed to disenchant it. On crafted items, it will tell you the mats needed to make the item.

To me, this seems huge. Blizzard has never released official information of boss drops or where things drop. Now, if they could only get the speed of the website to compare to Allakhazam or Thottbot, maybe they could steal some of their traffic. heh.

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DadGuy said...

That -IS- huge. I'm going to have ot go check that out.