Friday, May 22, 2009

Add-On: Guild Tax

Disclaimer: I have not tried out this mod yet.

It seems like forever ago that I made a post about a Guild Tax for the Guild Vault. But just this morning, I got a comment on that post about a new mod that was developed by walking_fishy. It's called, quite simply, Guild Tax. It appears to be this developer's first mod. It was uploaded on 5/20, and 2 days later, it already has 36 downloads. (For a no-name mod, I'm guessing that's some pretty good marketing... or one person just downloaded it 36 times.)

The idea is this: By default, there's a 5% guild tax on "Small Change" (money off of mobs) and Quest Rewards. When you go to the Guild Vault, it's automatically deposited. And anyone in the guild with access to the Guild MOTD can change the tax to whatever they'd like.

But here's the nice thing about his philosophy: first of all, it's kind of on a volunteer basis. Each individual has to install the mod, so that means that they're agreeing to donate. It's not like this money is being taken straight out of somebody's loot either... you don't want to pay, simply don't visit the guild vault.

Next thing as you can see from the Screen Shot (from Curse) is you can disable any part of it. Planning to do a bunch of dailies for your own epic mount and want to save up? Disable the Quest Reward Tax Collection. Have a huge tax that you simply can't pay at the moment because you need to repair your red gear, but need to get a flask from the vault? Disable Bank Deposits.

I see it fitting along with how I play perfectly. I always mean to contribute to the Guild Vault, but since I usually have another officer take care of that, I usually forget. So, I think, I should contribute a large amount, but then I'm poor because I just Dual Spec'ed (or whatever reason you want to insert here).

For those Guild Leaders (or members) that want to make sure others are actually getting taxed, there's also a whisper command:
If you whisper a player who has the Guild Tax addon with the command '!GuildTax' you will get a reply with that players settings and their total tax paid.
So, bravo, Walking_Fishy. I'll have to check out this mod tonight.


Galoheart said...

Interesting Mod. I guess if one wishes they can have fun using that mod.

I have 2 personal alt bankers with both owning max tab personal guildbanks to hold all my spoils of war. Only using one guildbanker and bank at the moment. So a mod won't help him. But then he banks and manages for me anyway. A fairly well off banker.

For my guild I've only ever made 2 donations since restarting playing WoW back in February. Both donations I made as lump sum offering of 250g a piece as contribution. I have no idea what it's ever been used for since I never use the guildbank at all. Afterall I have banking toons with vaults.

But a interesting mod to play around with maybe to seejist how much you can tax yourself to freely donate to your guild guildbank if your not really that decipline to contribute otherwise.

I know on my server their is a guild that ive heard that tax it's members 500g a month. A fairly well known guild as well. But I have no idea what extra benefits the members get for that guild tax as well.

Anonymous said...

In Vanilla it was common for guilds to charge a raiding fee of 100 gold a week (which was a good chunk of change in those days). However, the cost would cover all consumables you would use during the raid.

Leiandra said...

For our guild vault, we actually don't require anyone to pay. We take all of the Greens to DE and then all of the shards as well. We also take the BoE's. The enchanting stuff we use to provide free or severely discounted enchants. The BoE's we either sell for 1/2 AH price to members or full price on the AH. With those proceeds, we provide flasks for about 1/2 price.

It also gives us the flexibility to purchase upgrades for people if we need them to respec or whatnot.

Walking_fishy said...

Wow, thanks very much for the coverage of my addon. So far it seems to be going very well.
Just updated it, so the collting with guild options can be set for each source of income.
As well as making it look a little nicer.

Hemil said...

Looking for instructions for each member to set their own tax rate.  Having trouble getting ppl to settle on the tax amount as a group and so a guild override amount (blanket %) isn't so feasible.  So is the addon configurable on each member's system for their own tax rate?

Leiandra said...

Interesting question, Hemil.  I don't think you can currently.  If I were you, I'd probably head over to curse and post a comment on the mod site.  I'm sure he checks that a heck of a lot more than he checks my blog.  heh.